#TimBiebs are here! Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons TimBits – November 29, 2021


Today, I have decided to wake up early in the morning, hopped into the Mazda CX-5, turned on the heated steering wheel, heated seats and blast the heat to go to make a coffee run to Tim Hortons (Timmies) on this cold morning. Why? Well…..if you haven’t heard, today (November 29, 2021) is the 1st day the #TeamBiebs (mini Timbits) are available for purchase from the participating Timmies (both Canada and & USA locations).

Justin Bieber had formed a partnership with Tim Hortons to sell its collaborated TimBiebs and merchandize.

3 TimBiebs flavours to choose from:

1) Chocolate White Fudge

2) Sour Cream Chocolate Chip

3) Birthday Cake Waffle

All 3 unique flavours were developed by Justin Bieber with Tim Hortons. I tried all 3 and I like them all, really fresh, tasty and the ingredients worked very well together. Go get some & let me know your thoughts.

Click here to check out the TimBiebs merch.



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