Tips & Recommendations – 2020 Canadian International Auto Show (#CIAS2020)


The 2020 Canadian International Auto Show is open to the public starting on Friday, February 14th, 2020 and the show will go on until Sunday, February 23rd, 2020. There is just so much to see and do that sometimes you may miss out on checking out some exhibits or hidden gems.

In this MoVernie BLOG, I am going to share with you some tips and exhibits that you may not know about. With these tips and recommendations, I hope it will enhance your experience at this year’s auto show.

Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup Hockey Card Experience

Located in the South Building, at the Chevrolet exhibit, you will see the friendly staff taking a boomerang for you. In the boomerang, you can hold up a hockey stick and you can even move a replica trophy up and down. It’s quite cool after you see the final boomerang. Best yet, they immediately send to your phone so you can watch your talent and share with your friends and family.

Chevrolet Virtual Dynamics Adventure – 4D Experience

Yup! The folks at the Chevrolet exhibit is definitely finding ways to keep you around and check out its products with some of the cool interactive activities to do. As I mentioned above with the Chevrolet Good Deeds boomerang, near the Chevrolet Corvette display, there is a 4D Experience with the Virtual Dynamics Adventure. You signed your life away with the friendly staff holding an ipad. Then, you line up. Each time, there are total of 8 seats to experience 4D. FYI – the lineup may get long and each session is quite long, approximately about 3 minutes (I didn’t time it) but let me tell you, it’s worth the wait. This is by far the coolest activation at the entire auto show. I am not going to spill the beans too much, but the 4D Experience will vibrate, will move, tilt and you can even smell something.

Also, if your smartphone is running low in battery, there is a charging station at the Chevrolet exhibit.

NOTE: You are required to wear the virtual googles and if you get motion sickness, don’t force the issue, just let the staff know that you no longer can take on the experience. By the way, for safety, seat belts are fastened and the staff sensitize each gear before allowing the next group of people.

MoVernie TIP: Most of the people lining up are in pairs, but if you are by yourself, make sure to inform the staff as they maybe a single spot for you that you can bypass everyone.

Buick – Grab a Latte

Every year, Buick has been providing hot beverages such as latte at its exhibit. It’s a good way to keep people to hang around its booth but it also added a more positive connection with the Buick brand, at least I did.

BMW Lounge – Americano or Espresso?

At the BMW Lounge, if you are a BMW owner, by just flashing your BMW key fob, the staff will serve you and your crew with a nice Americano or Espresso. They also have a big table for you to chill and enjoy the view.

Ford Presentation

The Ford presentation is a MUST WATCH, the presenter talk smooth and she was good at presenting the latest technology and connectivity from Ford Motors. The overhead projection of the images are very interactive and they integrated the Ford Escape or the Ford Mustang Mach E into the presentation in a state-of-the-art style. It feels like you are watching a show and the vehicle blends in well into a virtual city.

Toyota – 360 Video Cam

Toyota exhibit is located beside the Chevrolet exhibit. So, after you finished checking out the 4D Experience and created a boomerang from the Good Deeds Cup, make your way to the Toyota Olympics 360 Video Cam. First you sign up, then you go inside the 360 video booth, look at one of the camera and start posing, then the 360 video will send to your email.

Disney Pixar – Onward the Movie

If you are bringing your kids and want them to have something to be entertained with, check out the Disney Pixar – Onward the Movie, it’s located at the 600 level in the South Building, located beside the AJAC Car of the Year Mazda3 and AJAC Utility Vehicle of the Year Jaguar I-PACE. They put in some of the vehicles as seen in the movie on display.

Canadian Armed Forces Vehicles

My buddy works in the Canadian Military, serve and protect our beautiful country. So, I decided to check out the armed vehicles, tanks and other cool vehicles. In particular, the public were encouraged to go inside a tank and check out all the gears and lookout point. You really have to bend down and watch your head when walk into the vehicle as its ceiling is very low.

Toys “R” US

Children are allowed to drive the cute mini-version motorized vehicles around a track in the South Building. I seen a kid driving a Ford F-150 pickup, some drove a sports car, so many choices for these kids to have some fun. Best yet, if your kid loves one of them, you can buy that toy at the show. Genius isn’t it?

Nostalgic Display

Hidden in a rather quiet area in the South Building, there is a nostalgic display of cars that were showcased in many popular TV shows back in the days. This includes the Trans AM that was showcased in the Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff.

How about the Back to the Future car? What about the toys and board games that we played when were kids? Even the cereal boxes were on display. If you want to capture those memories, this special area is for you to enjoy the moments.


Luv eSports games? In the South Building, there is a big room that has games mostly for driving. You can show your driving skills with these eSports games.

Honda – Robots & Stickers

At the Honda exhibit in the North Building, there are a few robots that will take your stickers and put it on the door panel of the Honda Civic. You don’t know where the stickers will stick as it’s random but it’s a kid favourite at the show.

#MazdaMirrors – Outside North Building

Mazda3 is this year’s AJAC Car of the Year. They have a display outside for both Mazda3 Sedan and Hatchback. Inside the display, there are mirrors that reflect the cars. Although you can’t go inside the mirror box, you can still take a good shot of the Mazda3s.

VW – GiveAway Blue Bag

If you are ok to sign up to receive the VW e-communications, they will give you a bright blue VW bag. I like the bag so I signed up.

Shuttle Bus – North & South Buildings

In case you are too tired or not able to walk from the North Building to South Building (or vice versa), there is free shuttle bus that can take you from one building to another. Just look for the big signs or ask the staff.

Here are all the tips and recommendations. If you were at the show and you found something that I haven’t mention yet, please kindly let me know so I can add it to this MoVernie BLOG. Thank you for your support!

Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS)
Tickets INFO here.
Address: Metro Convention Centre
February 14th to February 23rd, 2020

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Special thanks to Canadian International Auto Show for having our crew to cover this year’s auto show, however, opinions expressed are our own.



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