Tokyo 2020: Toyota – Proud Sponsor of the 2020 Worldwide Olympic & Paralympic Partner – “Start Your Impossible“


As many people may know, the 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan. And during my visit in Tokyo, I had started to see some of the advertisements or banners all over the city, promoting Tokyo 2020. In fact, when I went to the top floor of the Government Building to check out its view, I saw Tokyo 2020 posters around the venue. When I went and checked out the Megaweb Toyota Centre on my way to the MORI Building teamLab Digital Art Museum, there was a “Tokyo 2020” exhibit as well as interactive games for visitors to try and experience.

The exhibit gave the visitors a history of the Olympics as well as the involvement and sponsorship and support Toyota has contributed throughout all these years. The commitment and dedication made by Toyota is incredible. In fact, what’s extra special is for Toyota becoming a Global Worldwide Sponsors with the Olympics and Paralympics through the year of 2024 and by then, they can opt to continue with the partnership. I have heard lots about proud sponsor locally or nationally for many brands but to have a company that sponsors globally? That’s not common. So, good for you Toyota for stepping up your game!

At the Megaweb Toyota Centre, there were interactive games related to the Olympics and Paralympics. In fact, they were promoting the “Start Your Impossible” campaign, encouraging people to chase their dreams and goals and start their impossible.

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) is an official proud sponsor of the 2020 Tokyo International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee.

As Toyota website states, “Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) entered into a sponsorship agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in 2015 to serve as a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner through 2024.

Toyota shares the values and ideals of the Olympic and Paralympic movements and believes in the power of sport to bring people of diverse background together and help them achieve their dreams.

Through its philosophy of “Ever Better Mobility for All”, Toyota is proud to support the Tokyo 2020 Games and provide sustainable mobility solutions to help move the world forward.“

I saw people tried sitting on a wheel chair and started to shoot the basketball to the net. I think it was a great idea for people to experience and get a feel how much harder and more effort the Paralympics athletes have to do to play in the sports on a wheel chairs, it gives the visitors an opportunity to appreciate and respect more of the Paralympics athletes.

At another interactive booth, visitors can sit in a wheel-chair, wearing headphones, stared a TV screen and started turning both wheels to participate in a video game called “Cyber Wheel”. It looks fun and also it looked like it’s quite a workout for these participants.

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