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Peeps! If you are looking for things to do around the city of Toronto and don’t mind braving the cold, Toronto Light Festival is something you can do with your loved ones or family. The Toronto Light Festival is held every year (from January 18, 2019 to March 3, 2019) at the historic Distillery District, during sundown, the lights are LIT! You could see the visual effects of the various colour of lights and cool light installations around the Distillery District. And the best part?

It’s FREE! You just need to be willing to brave the cold and wear lots of layers of winter clothing to keep yourself warm.

We were there last night and let me tell you that it’s worthwhile. There were lots of Social Media worthy spots around the distillery and tons of creative lights installations. It’s artsy, it’s creative, you could see the individualistic vision from each artist’s work.

MoVernie TIP #1: Wear proper winter clothing to ensure you are warm. Wear winter insulated boots, normal pants are fine, a good winter jacket, scarf, gloves, toque should be sufficed.

MoVernie TIP #2: Instead of just going to the Distillery and check out the light festival, make it a date night or family outing. Grab some pastries and a nice hot beverage in between to keep yourself warm. After you checked out all the artsy installations, grab dinner at one of many restaurants at the Distillery.

MoVernie TIP #3: To all the Influencers out there, be mindful of other people. Be considerate and don’t take up long time just to take 500 photos per pose. Be reasonable! There are other people who may want to take a pose or a few photos at each light installations, don’t be selfish. You are NOT above the rest of anyone.

For more INFO about the Toronto Light Festival, click here.

Toronto Light Festival
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