Transformer 4 Movie Set in Hong Kong – Bumblebee Spotted!


Hello people in Toronto!

This is Joe Cheung, a former Torontonian. I am living in Hong Kong right now.

I am a Hong Kong Correspondent for “MoVernie Lifestyle on the MOVE”, reporting on the sneak peek of the movie set “Transformer 4, Age of Extinction“.

It was Sunday afternoon Oct 20th around 2pm to 4pm in Hong Kong (12 hours ahead of Toronto).

I decided to walk for 15 mins to an old district for a late lunch. That’s because the usual path that I always use was blocked and there it was I saw the set where they were shooting Transformer 4 the movie, the set took up 2 blocks of that district, so I had to take an alternative path to the other end of the set and there I saw the back of Bumblebee and this huge armor vehicle called the “Hound“.

On my way back from lunch , I was walking around the outside of the production set to see if I can get a closer shot of the Bumblebee, I saw Michael Bay, who was wearing a dark gray outfit with a cap inside the set from 20 to 30 foot away, but I can’t get a clearer photo.

As I walked back to where I was standing, I saw the BumbleBee & the armor vehicle “Hound” were all parked aside with a sea of pedestrian taking photos. It was the closest I can get and I took a few shots of the parked vehicles.

I later found out that this was actually the 3rd location they were shooting in Hong Kong, I missed the scene where they blew up the double decker bus at the business district yesterday when Li BingBing was there for that filming.

That ‘s pretty much concludes my encounter for today and I hope you enjoy my coverage on the sneak preview of the happenings on the progress of the Transformer 4.

Can’t wait to watch this film in 2014! I thank you MoVernie for the special feature on this wonderful blog!

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Joe Cheung (HK Correspondance for MoVernie Lifestyle on the MOVE)

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