Transformers 4 Vehicles at SEMA


As I was walking around the huge after market auto show called SEMA that was held in Las Vegas,  I spotted the Transformers 4 Movie Exhibit. There parked 3 vehicles made by General Motors. The brand new yellow “BumbleBee” Chevrolet Camero, Chevrolet Sonic in white colour and the brand new 2014 Neon Green Chevrolet Corvette. They were parked behind a barricade and peeps can look at them but can’t sit or get close to it.

I got special access to pose two photos with it and let me tell you, these vehicles look great! FYI – there are ONLY two of each of these vehicles for the Michael Bay film production. Each of them were on display here at SEMA. The other one were shipped to Hong Kong where the movie is being filmed right now as we speak. For me to see them up-close and personal is precious opportunity.

I look forward to the Transformers 4 movie when it goes out to the global audience.




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