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After we took a guided walking tour around Virginia City, we had arrived at the train depot getting ready to get on a Truckee Railroad Train Ride. The train station was just a short walk of about 10 to 12 minutes from the main core of the Virginia City. The Virginia City’s historic depot was built in 1870. It is carefully preserved, this depot provides an original passenger waiting area, gift shop as well as other features.

This was such a cool area for me as we were waiting to board on the old classic, yet functional steam train. I love the sound of the train horn. There are a number of train routes that you can choose from, some travel further down to various towns, the one that we chose is a nice short 1-hour ride where the train will travel to one of the train station and return back to where we began, which is the Virginia City. There are two major areas on the train. One section has a car that has a roof with windows. The other section is open air with no roof at all. I highly recommend you to switch different spots so you can get different experiences as well as different perspectives on taking photos.

The slow train passed through different slopes, you could see the breathtaking view of the mountains. You could also see mining sites and buildings along the way. Personally, I really enjoyed the train passing through under the bridge and going through the tunnel.

Virginia & Truckee Rail Road
Address: F Street 1870 V&T Depot, 165 F Street, Virginia City, Nevada
Phone: 775-847-0380

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