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During our Spring Training Press Trip, one of the spots that we visited was called the “True Garden”. At first, I have no idea what is True Garden but I am curious to learn more.

Moment we walked in, I got to see many variety of plants and vegetables. Green colours are everywhere and apparently the plants, the vegetables are all grown organically.

We met the founder of True Garden, Troy Albright, who is a pharmacist. And after the introduction, we sat down to listen to Troy who gave us a short but informative session about what True Garden is all about.

Basically, True Garden is a store that sells a number of different systems that help residential or businesses to grow vegetables, fruits or flowers using different equipment. In particular, a Tower Garden is one of its main equipment to help grow vegetation. It is a vertical aeroponic farm offering Tower Garden seedlings, aeroponic systems for residential and commercial use.

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I am not going to bore you here and nor do I have the expertise to thoroughly able to explain to you in details how this tower works. Bottomline, the Tower Garden is a simple, pretty much easy to use tower that helps grow vegetables for food. You can grow as many different types of vegetables, fruits or flowers as you want. It’s easy to use and grow and doesn’t take up much space.

To be honest, in a desert region such as Arizona, where the temperature and the climate may not be ideal to grow any plants, Tower Garden comes in to provide a good alternative to grow the vegetation.

After the presentation, we got to taste some of the fresh, organic plants. I tried the spinach, lettuce and they were tasty and fresh.

I found the green house filled with many Tower Garden towers the most impressive part of the tour. The green plants coupled with the white tower really provided a beautiful view. I have never heard of True Garden before and I am glad Visit Mesa brought us here to learn, understand and appreciate the important processes of growing our own food.

True Garden
Address: 5949 E University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85205, USA
Phone: +1 480-305-8985


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