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Alright peeps! As you know, I have been praising about Trump Hotel Toronto for quite sometime now and always looking forward to go for a visit ever since its Grand Opening on January 31, 2012. One month later, early March, I was finally able to go check it out at an event hosted in the Trump Ballroom. Everyone was looking forward to this event hosting at the Trump Hotel that’s because we all know this is the newest hotspot in town and it’s where all the buzz is. It’s important we get the first dip at getting to visit this venue.

First thing you notice that is different for the Trump Hotel from the rest of the other hotels such as the Royal York, Hyatt, Marriott is that Trump is a hotel/condo concept building. The bottom portion of the tall building are hotel rooms and the upper half of the building are condo units. The residence has a separate entrance to their units. As well, 2nd – 8th floors are parking spots for their luxurious vehicles. You will also notice that Trump Hotel isn’t a big hotel to say the least, it is a more close to a boutique sized surface area, however, the designer is able to utilize every inch of the building to make it look like a spacious building.

As you walked towards the entrance, you will notice nice looking cars such as Bentley, Maybach or Porsche parked in the front, you knew some big names stayed here or came in to grab a nice bite at the Stock Restaurant located on the 31st floor or the SUIT lounge located at the ground floor. As soon as I walked towards the turnstyle door, you will be greeted by the courteous smiling doorman turning the door for you. Once you are inside the lobby, you will also be greeted by the concerige and more staff, all with a nice smile, getting ready to serve you. Even at the elevator lobby, a staff will press the button for you and hold the door for you to enter. Now, that’s what you call “classy service!”

The main colour theme throughout the entire Trump Hotel is the black and white colour theme, along with shinny marble floors. The best feature yet are the beautiful Chandelier lights on the ceiling along with white plaster sculpted walls. Honestly, white and black colour normally doesn’t work for me because I felt “gloomy” most of the time with those colours combination. But for some reason, the whole set up at the Trump Hotel works for me and I can live with that and I think it’s chic, modern, luxurious and very elegant.

Going up to the 10th floor, there is a ballroom. Now, 9th floor is also a ballroom area. So, it’s a flight of stairs away to walk up and down both floors, just in case you need to host a big party to booked both ballrooms, lol. As you stepped out the elevator, you will see a mirror wall, followed by the coat check area. Entering in the ballroom, I noticed the comfy black and white patterned carpet, along with high ceiling with the beautiful black chandeliers. The silver reflective low chairs were my favourite.

Everything was setup nicely, with a central bar in the middle of the event. Numerous high chairs stationed everywhere for us to mingle. Lots of comfy low chairs for us to sit. There is a roast beef station along with vegetarian station across each other. There was a main stage for a band performance and speeches. Last but not least, there was an amazing (YOU GOT TO TRY!” Chocolate lab station. These are freshly made chocolates and truffle chocolates that were beautifully setup. I am not really a chocolate love (don’t ask, I know, I am a rare person) but I couldn’t resist the chocolate, they were not too sweet, very nice and soft and the smell and ingredients were top notch. I couldn’t stop eating them.

Servers are patrolling on the entire venue to serve us finger foods such as Thai Shrimp Spring rolls, asparagus rosotto, wild mushroom truffle rosotto and roast beef burger with nice mustard and garlic sauce. I have to say, the quality of the food was amazing! I love the ingredients and I love the way it was cooked. My favourite of all, the wild mushroom truffle rosotto. The rosotto was not too soggy or mushy, instead it was just perfect texture. I love the smell of the truffle. Nom! Nom! Nom! That’s all I got to say.

Along with an open bar, you know how much I love gin & tonic, 2 glasses of it with some lime made my night. The decor and the flower being used as table pieces along with the candle light was just a perfect event to be. Honestly, no one really want to leave until the last call. I mean, who would want to leave with such a great party and venue happening?

I love this place, Trump Hotel Toronto has really delivered it’s reputation of knowing how to throw a classy, prestige party. Next up, I will want to check out the STOCK Restaurant and the spa shop located on the 31st floor at the Trump Hotel. Stay tuned!

Everything was great. The only two flaws about the Trump Hotel was the turnstyle being manually pushed instead of being automatic. And the Ballroom washroom has manual flush and no automatic soap dispenser. Those were the two disappointments and a bit of a surprise because at this day and age, no way a luxury new hotel will require a millionaire/billionaire to push the turnstyle on their own. Mind you, the doorman isn’t always there to push the turnstyle for us, so that’s the only flaw I think could have been better.

MoVernie “Yo Guy” Experience:

Lobby 9/10 – A bit small compared to other comparable hotel competitors but I love the shinny marble floors, the chandlier.

Ballroom – 9.5/10 Nicely done, comfy carpets, high ceiling, luxurious chic comfy chairs and again, beautiful black chandliers

Food – 10/10 Chocolate lab is a MUST try! Freshly made chocolate that melts in your mouth, lovely wild mushroom truffle rosotto

Service – 9.5/10 Smiling, intelligent servers that were courteous and attend to your needs in a timely fashion

Bathroom – 8.5/10 No auto flush and no auto soap dispenser. Small bathroom that was ok decorated but nothing that “wow” me. One good thing though, nice thick Trump napkins. lol

Overall experience – 9.5/10 Love this place and will go back again and again for this hotspot.


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