Turtle John’s Pub – Port Hope, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


During our Port Hope Press Trip, it was also the same weekend as St. Paddy’s Day. After our delicious dinner at Trattoria Gusto, we decided to hit a pub and grab some green beer and checking out the night life scene in Port Hope. But the question was….which pub to check out? Luckily, the couple, who were sitting beside us at Trattoria Gusto, also lives in Port Hope. I asked him for any recommendations of pubs around Port Hope. He recommended Turtle John’s.

So, a few of our journalists decided to go to Turtle John’s. Again, the best part about small town such as Port Hope is how close everything is located. We just walked from Trattoria Gusto and walked 2 blocks and through a side street, we had arrived at Turtle John’s. I spotted there were about 15 parking spots, so in case you need to drive, there are spots for you. But since we plan to drink green beer, walking on foot or taking a cab would be my recommendations.

Moment we walked in, the place was packed, but it’s a reasonable amount of crowd, not overly sardine type of pack but decent. The friendly hostess guided us to the only empty table available. Talking about perfect timing. Looking around, some peeps were dressed in green to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. Most patrons were watching the Leafs game that night.

I was impressed with the number of flat screens on every inch of the pub. Every booth table such as ours had our own flat screen TV to watch the game. There were at least more than 20+ flat screen TVs over the entire pub. I must say, it has more TVs than many pubs in downtown Toronto, this was impressive.

A pitcher of green beer (either Coors Light or Pabst Blue Ribbon) was only $14.25 + tax. That’s so reasonable. Another reason why drinking beer in small town is such a good idea. In downtown Toronto, any pitcher of beer, you are looking at $24.00 or more. We ordered a few pitchers and just chilled and enjoyed a great evening. Overall, the crowd was a good crowd. I feel safe spending time in there.

It was a good night. The best part? Turtle John’s is only a block away from Summerhill Manor BnB, where we stayed, it was a nice walk home. You save money when you don’t have to pay for any parking or pay for a cab. Spending a weekend get a way at Port Hope is definitely enjoyable and good on our wallets. Everything is cheaper and more reasonable than spending in downtown Toronto.

Turtle John’s
Website: www.turtlejohns.com
Address: 64 John St, Port Hope, ON L1A 2Z2
Phone: (905) 885-7200

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