Unbox – Airbus A220 Model Plane – Air Canada


I got this Airbus A220 model plane when I attended the Air Canada Launch Event in Montreal back in January (You can read my MoVernie BLOG here).

I finally got a chance to Unbox the gift and assemble it together. It was pretty simple to assemble.

When I was a kid, I have always wanted to have a model plane, especially when I saw those big model planes at  travel tour agencies.

I luv the detail and the high quality of this A220 model plane. The details on the model plane resembles to the actual A220 plane that I saw at the launch event. Moreover, the model plane came with a nice wooden stand that holds the model plane nicely. It’s very stable and looks good.

Once again, thank you to Air Canada for having me at the Airbus A220 Air Canada Launch Event as well as this wonderful model plane gift. I would luv to visit somewhere while flying with this A220 in the near future.

Also check out this MoVernie BLOG that includes the highlights of some of the key innovation features about this new 137 passengers Airbus A220 aircraft that is built in Quebec, Canada.


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