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The Paula Callejas Group has recently unveiled its latest new collection line called “Urban Collection”. In the social media world, I think its marketing team did an amazing job in building attention and anticipation of what its newest collection is like. It was kind of fun and interesting at the same time wondering what the clothing brand has in stored.

Yesterday, they just did a 1st drop of its first item of the Urban Collection to the public. It’s a nice black tee with wordings on it. I think it’s classy, stylish, fashionable and comfortable. In its social post, it mentioned that “The Urban Collection brings comfort, quality, style and at the same time, we feel it is important to express ourselves”. And in this pandemic climate, I really could resonate the importance to wear something comfy but yet stylish with good quality and expressing yourself is very important.

Congrats to the Paula Callejas Group with the new collection and they are continuing to drop a few more items daily. Follow them on Instagram @Paula_Callejas_Group for more INFO and updates on its new Urban Collection.

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