Usain Bolt did it again with a golden 200m race!!!


Oops! Usain Bolt did it again! This time, he took home yet another gold medal for his most anticipated race, defending his Olympic title with yet another marvelous performance at the 200m race. 200m race has always been the most important race for Bolt, even more important to his 100m race, as he always cherish & wanted the gold medal the most for his preferred 200m race. Bolt made history by defending both the 100m and 200m with gold medals. Joining along side with his achievement were Yohan Blake (Silver) and Warren Weir (Bronze). The “BIG 3” Jamaicans swept the 200m race.

My biggest memory was after the race when all three yellow jerseys shinning in the evening with 3 Jamaican flags on their backs. That’s the most dominating race I seen in my life! This domination race could have happened if Yasafa Powell didn’t injured himself in the 100m race. Nevertheless, this is a great finish to the runners and the fans.

Bolt had a different approach to this 200m race than the 100m race. In the 100m race, you could see Bolt being more animated, making all the hand motions, smiling, making more funny faces to the camera. But in the 200m race, you could see Bolt being more focus, serious and less animated as he put his thoughts together, hoping for a repeat.

At the start of the race, Bolt accelerated quickly, leading by a big gap, but after 100m, Yohan Blake seems to shorten the gap, at one point, I saw Bolt seemed to be losing some steam. However, at the last 50m of the race, Bolt maintained his pace and strides and finished the race with a 19.32s performance. It didn’t bring any olympic record or world record, but it was still a great performance.

All and all, the fans weren’t disappointed and all went home happy. Scotia Plaza provided 2 super huge TV screens (on 2 sides back-to-back) for the patrons to watch the race. As 3:55pm came, you could see the space was packed with people, from 2nd floor to main concourse level. When all said and done, people screamed, cheered and clapped their hands in satisfaction. Great energy and vibe in the air for the fastest human on the planet, Usain Bolt.

Congratulations to Usain Bolt again! I hope to see you race again for the next Olympics as well as Pan Am Games in Toronto (2015)

Bolt has strikes again!


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