#VELD Day 1 – MoVenie Behind-the-Scenes


As you know, people attending VELD Music Festival will have a different experience than mine as they entered by general admission. But I am attending as Media for my show “MoVernie on the Move”. A lot of my followers often asked me questions on what’s it like to cover a cool event from the media perspective. You know, from the backstage experience or interviewing cool celebrities behind-the-scene.  I am lucky and grateful to get both side of the worlds (behind-the-scenes and partying with the crowd).

Let me share some of my media behind-the-scene experiences at VELD – Day 1 with you.


– we arrived at the venue, we used a different entrance as we went to the media centre booth to verify our attendance and pickup our lavender wristband (yup, you guys get a yellow or some other wristband)

– VELD Staff introduced themselves and guided us to a separate path to the backstage area

– along the path, we saw lots of RV Trailors parked behind the area, that’s where the staff and performers chilled and geting ready for their big show

– the media centre is perfectly located near the backstage of the performance and it is also close to the crowd, so it’s convenient for us to do our coverage

– VELD staff kindly informed us the happenings, the media guidelines, the time sheet of the various performances so our crew could decide whom we want to do our coverage and the meeting time and location if we do want to cover a specific performer.

– VELD staff informed us where we can take professional photography, where we can take video footage, which part of the venue are offlimits for taping, how long we can cover the sets. As media, we have to listen carefully so we abide to the guidelines. For me in particular, it’s important for me to develop a mutual and good relationship with the staff so we are on the same page. Bottomline, we all wanted to make this a successful event for everyone. Nobody wants to give a hard time to anyone.

– washroom areas were available for the media

– light snack, water and beverages were provided for the media as well

– Wi-Fi access, tables and sofas were available for the media crew to work and relax

– I got to introduce myself and mix and mingle with other media outlet that came as far as New York and Montreal.

– our crew went out to the media pit (located in front of the crowd) and right next to the main stage, close to the DJ, so we can take professional photos of the crowd and the DJ

– our crew then went into the crowd, interviewed the show goers, so I can ask them “who their favourite DJs are and what they like about VELD, etc”, so it can be used for my “MoVernie on the Move” show!

– I bumped into MuchMusic VJ, Scott, great guy, we chatted a bit!

– Some of the performers will come by and say hello to the media!

So far so good. I would like to thank the VELD PR and Staff for their organized arrangements and the assistance they provided to make our coverage a lot easier.

View from the Media Centre near the BackStage

View from the Media Centre near the BackStageView from the Media Pit facing the large crowd



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