Village of Bayfield – Bayfield, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


As our Wave Limo tour showed us around the surrounding areas near Port Franks Getaway, the next stop is visiting the Village of Bayfield. It’s a nice quint little town with restaurants, bars, clothing stores, cafe, art gallery and more.

There were so much to see and it’s a nice stroll walk along both sides of the streets. Apparently, during our visit, part of the streets were blocked off for filming. Since our stretched Wave Limo was cruising along the streets to give us a nice view of the place, some of the locals thought there maybe celebrities and actors sitting inside the limo as they tried to peek inside our limo or waving at us. Hahaha! That was some unexpected fun!

Check out the photos below on the type of cool stores and stuff to do at the Village of Bayfield, Ontario, Canada!

Village of Bayfield – Bayfield, Ontario, Canada
Address: Bayfield, Ontario, N0M 1G0, Canada



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