VIP Reception Media Sneak Preview – Immersive King Tut Toronto – Lighthouse Immersive – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Yesterday evening, we were On the MOVE to the VIP Reception to get a sneak preview of the new show IMMERSIVE KING TUT: MAGIC JOURNEY TO THE LIGHT.

Created by Lighthouse Immersive, this King Tut Immersive Exhibit uses stunning visuals to tell the story of the Amduat, an important ancient Egyptian funerary text, thought to be the oldest known illustrated story in human history, that was depicted on the tombs of pharaohs.

With the state-of-the-art video mapping and ground-breaking animation, it bring to life the story of King Tut’s passage into the afterlife as he escorts the sun through the underworld each night to rise again victoriously each morning.

This was a great in-person event as we got to interact with other people. Moreover, it was open bar where they served wine, beer, cocktails and there were tons of food being served, it was delicious.

Once we had filled up our tummy, it was time to explore this Immersive King Tut experience. Let’s explore together so you get a glimpse of what to expect when you purchase the tickets to check out this experience.

First off, there was a Hana station and my hand model wanted to get a lotus pattern. She got her first, and it looked fabulous.

Executives from Lighthouse Immersive welcomed the guests and gave a brief intro about this King Tut immersive experience.

Then, to our surprise, 4 Ancient Warriors marched out to the crowd. At this point, I felt like we were in Egypt and it somewhat feel mysterious and suspenseful at the same time.

After the speech from various speakers, it was time to check out the exhibit, featuring the Discovery of King Tut’s tomb and some replica displays showcasing the tomb and the mummy. We were fascinated that there were 3 layers of coffins protecting the body, we didn’t know this before this event, so we learned something new.

And of course, I can’t pass up on the opportunity to pose with the Ancient Warriors.

Moving into the next room, this space was massive, surrounded by tall LED screens that wrapped around the 4 walls. To elevate the experience, they put artificial sand on the floor, as if you are actually visiting the pyramids in Egypt in a desert setting, that was a nice touch. In this MoVernie BLOG, I am only providing you a sneak preview as I want you to experience this entire show in your own eyes and in person, it’s no fun if I show you everything right?

This was a great evening. Special thank you to Lighthouse Immersive and Immersive King Tut for having us for such a wonderful evening and entertainment.

Immersive King Tut Toronto is open to the public starting today (August 10). If you would like to purchase tickets, follow @theimmersivekingtut or visit them via this link.

MoVernie FUN FACT: Did you know…..this Immersive King Tut experience is not just happening in Toronto, it’s available in a number of cities in the USA. For example, it’s available in Houston, Los Angeles, Kansas City and many other U.S. cities. Check out this link to see if this King Tut experience is in your city!


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