Westcott Vineyards – Jordan Station, Ontario – Private Tasting Tour with @TheLocalBoutiqueWine


During the fall season of every year, it’s the most busiest time for staff at the wineries. That’s coz it’s the “Harvest Season”. As Torontonian, we luck out by living so close to one of the best winery regions around the world. The Niagara-on-the-lake region is home to many wineries coz of its ideal soil conditions, geography and its abundance of natural resources. In addition to the well-known Nigara-on-the-lake region, the surrounding areas are also good for wineries and breweries. This includes the Grimsby and Beamsville regions.

My Pink Dreams FAM, Jennifer Ettinger and Andrea Watts decided to join me along with Old Spice Mike on a full-day tour visiting various wineries that he represented. Old Spice Mike at The Local Boutique Wine provides private winery tour, especially during the summer and the fall seasons. So, if you are planning for a team bonding event or wanted to bring a group of family members to enjoy a private tasting tour, you can click here for more INFO. In fact, Old Spice Mike will be more than happy to create a private tour that caters to your preferences and an itinerary that fills your time schedule.

One of the stops that we visited during this private tour is Westcott Vineyards. In this MoVernie BLOG, scroll down to check out our wine tasting experiences at Westcott Vineyards.

Special thanks to Old Spice Mike @TheLocalBoutiqueWine for the wonderful recommendation and bringing us around for the full-day tour.

The Local Boutique Wine – Owner – Old Spice Mike
Instagram: @TheLocalBoutiqueWine

Westcott Vineyards
Website: www.WestcottVineyards.com
Address: 3180 Seventeenth St, Jordan Station, ON L0R 1S0
Phone: (905) 562-7517


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