What I Eat While Staying At Home – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


During this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis, everyone has being asked by the government to stay at home. So, my biggest adjustment is working and staying at home. So…exactly what I do I eat at home? What are my breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well…scroll down and see what I prepare and eat at home.

This is a BIG adjustment for me as many of my peeps know I eat out and attend lots of VIP events that I hardly cook at home. My fridge is pretty much empty most of the time with little food items around, coz I don’t want to stock up on fresh produce and don’t even know when is the next time I am staying at home and eating at home. So…that’s my typical life.

However, ever since with the Coronavirus, I stay at home, I self-isolate, cook and eat at home.

Below are some of the food items that I made and eat at home. If you have any other food recipe or food creation ideas, let me know. Or perhaps you enjoyed my food creations that you would want to make them yourself as well. During this staying at home life, I want to be creative and make my food interesting to eat. If I have a choice, I don’t want to eat the same food over and over again during this trying times.

Boiled eggs with beef sausage

Meatball pasta

Salmon bacon + salmon sausage + boiled eggs

Chicken sandwich

Caesar salad

Cream of mushroom with macaroni

Instant noodles with spam

Crispy fish skin + cheese snacks

Popcorn + Rum & Coke

More power breakfast


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