What is the Toronto Blue Jays Direction in the Coming Years?


Toronto Blue Jays fans, I need your help and your feedback. I am extremely confused with the direction that the Toronto Blue Jays are heading. Are we rebuilding? Or are we contending? Not long ago, the Jays management just unloaded a tons of veterans and players who were on our 2015 and 2016 playoff runs.

From their interviews and the media, I thought we are under the “rebuilding” phase. I thought we are going to traded away veterans so the younger players can develop, learn and grow. We even got rid of Marcos Stroman and Aaron Sanchez and other pitchers since their presence don’t make any sense in the Jays future game plan.

In just 2 years in the rebuilding phase, the Jays went out and sign free agent Hyun-Jin Ryu for a 4-year contract. I don’t think this is a great acquisition by the Blue Jays as Ryu had only 1 good career year to show for. Why are we signing a big fish on a starting pitcher who may not be healthy. Instead, why not let our youngsters continue to make mistakes, going through glowing pains, learn and develop.

Anyways, I am now super confused coz I am ready for the “rebuilding” phase. I am ok that our team is rebuilding. Coz no pain, no gain and in order to win the World Series, we need to continue to develop players.

What’s your opinion on the direction the Toronto Blue Jays are heading? I want to hear from you.


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