Wild Cherry Lights – FREE Christmas Lights Display – Thornhill, Ontario, Canada


Have you heard of “Wild Cherry Lights“? I have never heard about it until recently, I was googling where I can see some cool Christmas lights in nearby neighbourhoods in Ontario that will have good display. I just wanted to drive around and admire the people who spends $$$ and time and effort to decorate their houses with beautiful Christmas decors and lights.

I also don’t want to spend $50 per vehicle like many of these temporary drive-thru light shows that it’s such a short distance that it’s a waste of $ and you can’t stop and enjoy or spend more time watching the lights.

So….I was able to find articles on the internet about the Wild Cherry Lights. The Lindsay family who lives at Wild Cherry Lane, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada decided to put on the Christmas lights on display in 2000. They did it for many consecutive years and then stopped coz they had kids. But they are back in 2018 and 2019 and now in 2020. This is a well-made, well-organized lights show. Computer controlled, synchronizing the lights with the music track! This is top notch, high quality entertainment.

Their dedication to display an awesome Christmas lights have influenced some of its neighbours to join in. Now, you can drive by the light display along the 7 properties. All lights are controlled by the computer and over 95,000 light blubs light up the street.

The best part? It’s FREE of charge. There is no booking, you just show up whenever you like at the dates and hours that it’s lit (see the date and time of operation at the blog below).  The only request from the families is….. if you can donate some $ into its donation box located outside the curbside so that all the proceeds go towards the charity.

Thank you to the Lindsay family and the rest of the families for your kind heart and effort to making this tough pandemic holiday season a little bit better and still maintaining the joyful spirit.

MoVernie TIP: When arriving at the Wild Cherry Lane, I suggest you do the following steps to fully enjoy the lights show and the music.

  1. First, drive to the street slowly to enjoy the lights itself. As your vehicle is in motion, you will a different experience.
  2. Then, park your vehicle safely on the street, try to park further down the road so you are not blocking other people from enjoying the entirety of the lights show.
  3. Get in your car, tune into 104.9 FM and enjoy the audio and the visual.

NOTE: Please kindly respect the neighbourhood by not park your vehicle right in front of the houses, blocking the view from other people. Don’t honk or make loud noise. Don’t block the driveways. Don’t litter. Donate $ to the donation box. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t hit any kids or people as there will be people walking around.

Enjoy the show!

Wild Cherry Lights
Website: www.LindsayLights.com
Address: Wild Cherry Lane, Thornhill , Ontario, Canada
Dates: (2020/21) – December 4 until January 6
Hours: 5:15pm – 11:00pm (11:30pm Fri/Sat and 12:30am Xmas and New Years Eve)


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