Win a $50 Gift Card to Copacabana Brazilian Steak House with Zomato


                             I joined Zomato! Have you joined Zomato yet? What is Zomato?

Zomato (Twitter: @Zomato, Instagram: @Zomato, Facebook: Zomato), is a popular global online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service. After its successful launch in many countries worldwide (helping foodies in the search of good restaurants to eat), this amazing service provider has finally made its first push into North America two months ago (October 2014). Zomato chose Toronto as its first city for the North American launch!

Currently, Zomato is present in over 100 cities serving over 30 million monthly visitors globally (that’s a lot of cities and users!!!) Foodies of Zomato can access the website and mobile app to search for places to go for a meal, or get food delivered to their homes or grab a coffee to catch up in their lives or enjoy the local nightlife hot spots. Zomato‘s consists of lots of cool and useful content features that include menus, photos, food reviews, food ratings, location coordinates and hot spots profile information. Users can also follow other users and also interact and develop their own network (we all know how much we like to share our foodie experiences and of course, selfies with the food, LOL)


To celebrate the launch of Zomato in Toronto and to celebrate the holiday season, I’m giving away a $50 gift card to dine at Copacabana Brazilian Steak House, courtesy of Zomato, to one lucky winner of this contest. If you never been to Copacabana, this is your chance! It’s an unique dinning experience, with beautiful decor and interior design, excellent service, entertainment along with great unique dining experience. Over 20 cuts of perfectly seasoned and grilled meats along with a full buffet, pasta and salad bar to satisfy every appetite. Copacabana knows how to  pair mouthwatering food with an invigorating atmosphere. 

Items 1 & 2 are mandatory in
order for you to enter the contest.
1) Sign up for a Zomato account
at or via its mobile

2) Follow me (@MoVernie)
on Zomato;  
If you also complete items 3 &
4 below, the higher chances you have in this contest!
3) Follow me (@MoVernie) on
4) Follow me (@RealMoVernie) on Instagram;

To increase your entries even more and your chances of winning, tweet the following
sentence exactly as shown:

FOLLOW ME & WIN $50 Gift Cert @CopaToronto! Share your Zomato
profile on Twitter and tag @MoVernie. #Zomato #MoVernieContest 

Contest starts on Sunday, December 21st and ends on Thursday,
January 1st at 12PM. 
One lucky winner will be chosen randomly and I will announce the
winner on Thursday, January 1st at 3 pm. 

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