Winterlicious @ Creme Brasserie


So, it’s one of my buddie’s birthday, yes, another birthday gathering that was celebrated with another Winterlicious gathering. This time, the restaurant is called Creme Brasserie located at Yorkville. I had walked by this place a few times during the summer and found their patio seating very attractive, espeically with their red umbrellas. But I never got the chance to sit down and try their food.

Finally, we went yesterday night. There is a very nice waterfall decor outside the restaurant. As we entered the restaurant, the little dim room provides a romantic, relaxing and quiet atmosphere. This is not

Overall Rating:

Food 9.0/10
Atmopshere/Vibe 9.5/10
Service 9.5/10
Accessiblity 7/10 (no cars, it’s a bit hard to travel in the winter with TTC Bus)

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