With the 55th Pick, the Los Angeles Lakers Select….Bronny James – 2024 NBA Draft – 2nd Round


(Photo Credit: Reuters)

In the 2nd round of the 2024 NBA Draft, with the 55th pick, the Los Angeles Lakers select….Bronny James, son of Lebron James, who is also playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Lebron James & Bronny James becomes the first father-son duo to play in the NBA at the same time and as an added bonus, play on the same NBA team.

There were lots of buzz prior to the NBA draft if Bronny James is ready for the NBA or not as he didn’t have a superb 1-year at USC and he had a heart condition and he is relatively too short to play in the NBA listed at 6’1″ at best.

All that types of noise can be pushed aside now as the Lakers decided to draft Bronny James to make Lebron happy (who could opt out of his remaining year) but knowing how much Lebron likes Los Angeles as a city to live and with Bronny now on the team, Lebron returns to the Lakers is most definite.

So much news in Lakers Land right now with the new hire of Coach JJ Redick, now Bronny James.

I personally think it’s cool to see father-son duo on the same team, although Bronny James wishes is to become an established NBA player himself without help from his father and he wanted people to remember him as Bronny James and not Lebron’s dad. Anyhow, either way, it’s hard to live out of the shadow when your dad is a NBA icon and legend.

Things will be very interesting in Lakers Land as everyone would be curious to see how JJ Redick, who have never coach in the NBA level before can handle superstars like Lebron, Anthony Davis and is he under pressure to start or give minutes to Bronny or does Bronny need to earn his minutes? Can JJ control the room and being respected by all the players in the locker room?

We will find out. At least for 1 day, congratulations to Bronny James on being drafted to the NBA! Let’s give him a chance.


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