Woodland Gardens Bed and Breakfast (B&B) – Port Hope, Ontario (Canada) [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


During our Press Trip to Port Hope, we were staying at the Woodland Gardens Bed and Breakfast. This was my 2nd time in my life time staying at a bed and breakfast (B&B). My 1st time was from another previous Port Hope Press Trip where we stayed at the Summerhill Manor B&B. You can read my 1st B&B experience at Summerhill Manor B&B here.

I have to say, in the past, I was used to staying at big hotels or resorts but never been to B&B. After experiencing B&B in Port Hope, I begin to enjoy it. Especially in a town like Port Hope, there isn’t many big hotel chains around, staying at a B&B actually makes more sense and more enjoyable. You get to interact with the B&B owners and it’s an unique experience. It added a little bit more personal touch and closeness that you may not get from staying in the hotel. In fact, staying at the typical hotel room, you get a typical rectangular hotel room with a bathroom and 4 walls. But in a B&B such as the Woodland Gardens, we had the entire basement floor to ourselves. There were 2 separate bedrooms, our own patio area, our own living room, dining room, a big-ass kitchen area, a bathroom and even an operable sauna and an entertainment room that is shared among other house guests. But since we were the only guests during that day, we got the entire room to play pool, read books, chill and just relax.

Quite honestly, Woodland B&B is perfect all year round. In the summer, you can enjoy the outdoor patio or drive out to the Ganaraska Forest for a nice walk or hike. In the winter, if there are heavy snow and you don’t want to go out, there is plenty of space for you to enjoy your stay at the Woodland B&B. With so many different board games, pool table and shuffleboard.

We had arrived at the Woodland B&B, there is a long drive way that can fit many cars. So, it’s not a problem to park my car there on the driveway during our stay. In fact, there are also plenty of street parking. Moment we rang the door bell, the friendly owner, Lea greeted us. She guided us via a separate entrance and showed us the patio area and then opened the door and gave us the tour of the space we had. There was also an instructional menu showing us how to operate the television, netflix and other equipment. She also showed us how to operate the sauna (yes! An operational sauna for relaxation is greatly appreciated).

Lea also surprised us with some of her handmade traditional pastries. They were delicious and especially appreciative when we had to leave the B&B immediately, to be on the MOVE to our next set of activities that Port Hope Tourism had planned for us. Thank you Lea! 🙂

Complimentary breakfast was available during our stay and this was actually one of my favourite part of my B&B experience. Coz Lea has Finnish roots, she was taught how to make some Finnish specialty entrees. She also offer traditional Canadian favourites including omelets, french toast, bacon and eggs. But to me, I couldn’t pass up to try some of the unique Finnish specialty. How often do you get to taste Finnish cuisine? From the list of the Finnish food items, I had selected Pannukukku, it’s an oven baked pancake that has a rich custard-like texture and taste.

I think I really appreciate Lea’s hospitality especially she was very accommodating and being super flexible. For example, I love my eggs for breakfast, so in addition to the Finnish food item that I ordered, she was ok to make me 2 sunny side up eggs on the side. I still remembered that morning when the weather was sunny and breezy that Lea setup our breakfast outside the patio table. It was so relaxing, calm and staring at the beautiful backyard was such a treat.

MoVernie TIP: At the back of the backyard, there is a trail that you can walk and explore. There are beautiful flowers and big trees, it’s a nice walk to the nature and perfect for photoshoot and social media worthy spots to take photos.

We really enjoy our stay here at the Woodland B&B. I highly recommend this place to stay and I will definitely come back. Everything is great here. In particular, I just like the separate entrance, our own patio area, the big layout of the entire floor to our own, plus the entertainment room. If you really have to ask me if there are any drawbacks, I couldn’t really pin point any, perhaps it is located away from the downtown Port Hope, so you can’t walk there. In fact, you have to drive back to the downtown core for about 20-25 minutes. But this is really depends on your preference. If you prefer peace and quiet and really just want to relax and away from the noise pollution, Woodland B&B will be perfect for many. It really depends on what you like.

MoVernie TIP: If you have any special request or questions/concerns after booking, feel free to contact Lea. I recalled reaching out to Lea prior to our visit and she was very responsive and was very accommodating to our requests. It’s nice people like Lea and experience like this that makes B&B so great!

Woodland Gardens
Website: www.BBCanada.com/WoodlandGardens
Address: 8250 Woodland Ave, Garden Hill, ON L0A 1B0
Phone: (905) 797-2799

The content for this Port Hope Press Trip was supported by Municipality of Port Hope and Tourism of Port Hope. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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