World Cup Fever: Are you ready?


Hello soccer fans around the world. It’s the time everyone has been waiting for, the World Cup! 4 years! Finally, another World Cup event that brings everyone around the world united.

I have a big questions for you soccer fans. Just to give you some background about myself. I was born in Hong Kong, China and immigrated to Canada 18 years ago. Sadly, both China and Canada didn’t make the World Cup tourament. Now, I have no teams to cheer for. In the past, I cheered for the Germany and England team.

I had one horrible experience though. In Toronto, alot of people put on the country flags on their cars to show their support to their beloved team. I put on the Germany flag before the tourament had started. When Germany made it to the semi-finals, I was one of the few ones who still have the Germany flag wav’in in my car. One day, my car stopped at a red light. Another car slowly approached the red light and start honking and celebrate the Germany victory. But as the lady approached beside my car, she said “But you are not German!”. I felt devasted. I asked myself, “Do I have to be German to support a team that I think has the best chance to win the cup?” Couldn’t I particpate and just have fun with this?

Here are my questions:

1) If your birthplace has a team, but you know they won’t go far, are you obligated to only support that team?

2) Are you allowed to support other teams?

3) Do I have to be born in that particular country in order to suppor that team?

Personally, I think World Cup is a world sport and it unites everyone together. With war, fights and uncertainty around the world, World Cup is one of the few things that we could put a smile in our face.

So, soccer fans or not, enjoy the beauty of this game. Best of luck to the South Africa organizers to host the game.

Are you wav’in your flag yet?


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