World Largest Rubber Ducky in Toronto – July 1st – July 3rd (#Canada150)


World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150)

I live in the downtown core of Toronto and as I drove along the Harbourfront yesterday, there was something unusual, there was a big giant yellow rubber ducky floating near the shore of the HTO Park. You can’t miss this giant object, it’s literally close to the CN Tower and Rogers Centre (home of the Toronto Blue Jays).

Apparently, this big rubber ducky will be on display to the public starting today (Canada Day, July 1st) til this Monday, July 3rd. Then, it will go on a tour to other places in Ontario so more people get a chance to see this cute ducky.

World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150)This rubber ducky stands 4 to 5 condo floors high. I was told that it is quite a process to transport, deliver, inflate this rubber ducky up. This is part of the #Canada150 celebration.

There are lots of peeps walking and driving around this HTO Park, I highly recommend you to park a little bit further away from HTO Park, as it’s cheaper to park further, plus it’s good exercise just to walk around the harbourfront.

Keep an eye on your children as there are lots of people walking, jogging, bicycling and cars and streetcars. Stay off the bike lane as cyclists will not see you and hit you. My suggestion? Park your car along the subway line and just take 509 or 510 street car, you save from paying high price for parking or finding parking spots. And the street cars are frequent and they drop you right at the HTO Park.

World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150)By the way, the fire station that is located beside the rubber ducky is opened, they were giving out children firefighter plastic hats and staff were taking photos with family and kids.

Happy Canada Day! #Canada150

For more information about the big rubber ducky, click here for details as well as check out where this duck will be on display around the Ontario Tour this month.


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World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150) World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150) World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150) World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150) World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150) World's Largest Rubber Ducky - Toronto (#Canada150)


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