WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Money in the Bank Merch Store – Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I honestly didn’t know World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is having a big event in Toronto this weekend (July 6, 2024), not until I walked towards Winefest Toronto and I noticed all the signages about WWE Merch Store, which was a popup located right across the Winefest Toronto venue space at the Roundhouse Park.

Since I am around the area, we decided to check out the popup store after Winefest Toronto was over. As we went inside the store, it was nicely layout. You could see “Money in the Bank” signage everywhere.

There were many WWE fans inside looking for merch to buy, you see kids being super excited checking out different items.

I saw t-shirts, especially the exclusive July 6, 2024 WWE Money in the Bank tees available for purchase. I also saw baseball caps, tons of merchandise, the WWE program, etc. In particular, I saw the WWE belts, they looked quite nice, not too heavy but with decent weight. I could see many WWE fans put on their shoulder and pose with it, just like the WWE wrestlers do.

What a sight! It’s always nice to see big events happening in Toronto. Although I don’t know when was the last time a WWE event being held in Toronto, I am always curious and hopefully, some day, I will go and watch WWE in person.

MoVernie QUESTION: Are you a WWE fan? If yes, did you attend the Toronto Money in the Bank event? Did you hear John Cena retirement announcement at the event? Your thoughts?

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