Yu Seafood: Major Disappointment – High-End Price but low-end service with OK Food Taste


Guest Contributor: Kenrick Chang (aka MoKenny)

Don’t be fooled by the fancy décor, it is
simply a mirage of the horrible customer service you will encounter for the
rest of your meal. There is a growing trend in the GTA, try to copy a
successful restaurant and then fail miserably.

Entering the Yu Seafood Restaurant, I was impressed by the
nice interior design of the restaurant. It looked high end and judging by the
looks alone; I was expecting a level of customer service that would match the
décor. Boy was I wrong!

Upon reviewing the menu, I noticed there was no
English translation. Not only is this a mandatory requirement for all
restaurants in Canada, it made ordering very challenging as I am the person who
orders for our group. Our main server told me that I should get my friend to
explain it to me, which is very impractical given the size of the menu
offering. After we told her it would be illegal to not have an English menu,
she sidetracked and told me they had one copy at the front, but she showed zero
interest in making the effort to get it to me. If you can’t read Chinese, you
shouldn’t even bother coming here.

We ended up ordering a combo for 5 people that
included: Sashimi, King Crab served 3 ways, Lobster, and “fried”
rice. We decided to upgrade the lobster size by a staggering $21/pound price
which is well above market price. Since we are celebrating a special occasion,
we were willing to splurge. There was one manager who came by our table when he
showed the size of the lobster and king crab, was nowhere to be seen for the
rest of the dinner service. This is rather unfortunate because he was very well
trained and had the level of service I would expect at a place like this.

When the first dish came out, I was very
disappointed. I’m not quite sure why they would include Japanese style sashimi
at this restaurant, it  didn’t fit the overall flow of the restaurant or
the menu. Worst of all, they only included 3 pieces of each variety of sashimi.
Why on earth would a combo for 5 people include only 3 pieces of each sashimi?
That would mean someone wasn’t going to get to try a piece of fish.

Dinner menu is for 5 people, but there’s only 3 sashimi pieces for each variety?! Guess two people aren’t having some of the sashimi.

The King Crab dishes felt very small and quaint.
Despite the fancy dishes and plates that were introduced, the sizing portion
felt like a Michelin star restaurant with the service level of an
“afternoon tea snack” café. There were maybe 10 pieces on each of the
King Crab dish. Later on, as more dishes were arriving at our table; our server
decided to mix the two king crab flavours into a single plate. One plate is
black truffle flavoured and the other is white wine steamed. Naturally this is
a bad idea, as there are plenty of empty small plates at the service station he
could have downsized our dish into. When he asked if it was ok, he was already
in the process of combining the two dishes together. Obviously our input did
not matter.

This came from a 8 pound King Crab, where’s the rest of it? Dish came at room temperature.

The HK style lobster and crab were pretty
standard, but lacks the flavour profile and “wok hay” that you would
get at their main competitor that they are trying to replicate. On top of every
dish, they would garnish a stack of 6 inches of lettuce to hide how small each
dish really was. I had to cross reference my photos a few times to ensure they
didn’t scam us by giving us a smaller lobster and King crab. I later found out,
the way they chop the pieces makes it very difficult to eat but also make the appearance
of the dish much smaller.

This came from a 10 pound lobster, where’s the rest of it? 5 inches of lettuce at the top. Mediocre flavour, not that fresh. Each extra pound of lobster charges you $21, that’s way above market price.

I don’t think the seafood was that fresh either.
Our group had difficulty separating the meat from the shell. Usually when the
seafood is really fresh, the meat will just pop right out of the shell with
zero hesitation.  This was not the case and we found ourselves scraping
very hard.

The “fried” rice was very disappointing,
I can only describe this atrocity as Chinese risotto. They pour some type of
strange starch corn syrup sauce over the rice. It was disgusting.

Our server was very lazy, he was hiding behind a
door while texting on his phone. While we were eating our dessert, he shoved a
bill in our face. Two minutes later, while we are still eating our dessert; he
flipped the bill open to see if we had paid yet. 

Final thoughts, if you want good quality HK style
seafood you should go to Fishman Lobster Clubhouse. They are the undisputed #1
heavy weight in this category. Everyone else is trying to open another
restaurant with this style of food and it fails to deliver.

After dropping $700 on this meal, I expected
better service than the horrific bad mannered staff we had encountered. You
don’t always need to try the “newest and latest”, they’re just trying
to scam you for your hard work earned dollars. With such an expensive meal, is
it worth gambling?

Yu Seafood
270 West Beaver Creek Road
Richmond Hill, ON

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And MoKenny is outta here!

This came from a 8 pound King Crab, where’s the rest of it? Dish came at room temperature.


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