Zirkova Ultra Premium Vodka – Perfect Gift for Any Occasions


I luv a good bottle of vodka and Zirkova is a nice bottle of ultra premium vodka that is available at the participating LCBO locations.

It’s a perfect match when I decided to partnered with Zirkova Vodka. No matter how small or big of the occasions, Zirkova Vodka is a perfect gift for any special occasions.

Over the past few weeks, I had celebrated different occasions drinking either Zirkova One or Zirkova Together.

Cheers! Kampai! Budmo! (they are all different saying in different languages but the message is the same = CHEERS!)

Below is a list of different occasions that I brought Zirkova Ultra Premium Vodka to celebrate with my family and friends! Let’s check it out!


Celebrate The Little Things – “Me Time” with Zirkova One Ultra Premium Vodka

Everybody needs some “ME Time”! I worked so hard at work that it’s time to reward myself with a nice drink of Zirkova One, drink it neat on the rocks!

Making a Cocktail Using Zirkova Together Ultra Premium Vodka

Zirkova is more than just drinking it neat or on the rocks. You can use Zirkova to mix with some cool ingredients to make a nice cocktail.

Hump Day Recipe:

– Zirkova Vodka (in this case, I used Zirkova Together but you can also use Zirkova One)
– Orange Liquor
– Cranberry juice
– Cinnamon Stick

Making a Caesar Using Zirkova Together Ultra Premium Vodka

Celebrate the little things. I luv Caesar and I used Zirkova Together vodka and make a nice drink of Caesar.

Zirkova Together mixed well with the Walter Holiday Craft Caesar mix that has North Atlantic lobster stock in it. So good! So delicious! So tasty! Cheers! Zirkova Together is available at participating LCBO locations and is a perfect holiday gift!

Zirkova One & Zirkova Together – Perfect Gifts for this Holiday Season!

Looking for gift ideas for this holiday season? Zirkova One & Zirkova Together ultra premium vodka are perfect for any occasions. There are no occasions that are too small or too big. Celebrate the little things with Zirkova. Celebrate the BIG things also with Zirkova. Go with the flow! Enjoy the moment!

Be yourself! Mix well with others!

Zirkova Pairing Dining Experience – Perfect Vodka to Bring to a House Party

We were invited to a house party and we decided to bring a bottle of Zirkova to the house party. We ordered so much food, a variety of food, from ordering sushi to Swiss Chalet to a nice dessert, Zirkova was perfect pairing for every dish. My friends enjoyed Zirkova and we had a blast!

“Red Nose Reindeer” Zirkova Recipe Cocktail – Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Zirkova was a  perfect way to celebrate Christmas & the holidays!

MoVernie “Red Nose Reindeer” Zirkova Recipe:

– Zirkova Vodka
– Strawberry Cider
– Ginger Beer
– Pomegranate

It’s festive, colourful and tasty. And perfectly paired with Zirkova Vodka.


Zirkova Ultra Premium Vodka – Happy New Year!

Celebrating the new year with Zirkova. Best wishes to everyone in 2022! All da best in 2022! Let’s hope 2022 is better than 2021. We Believe!

Zirkova Ultra Premium Vodka – PERFECT for a Housewarming Gift

My buddy just moved to a new house, so I decided to go to LCBO and get him a bottle of Zirkova Together ultra premium vodka from the LCBO.

He likes a good bottle of vodka and Zirkova is an ultra premium vodka, perfect as a housewarming gift.

Overall, Zirkova ultra premium vodka is readily available at participating LCBO locations. And I was amazed how much I enjoyed drinking Zirkova. And I had introduced Zirkova to my family & friends in a number of different occasions throughout this holiday season. I am so glad, they luv it! Everyone enjoy the smooth and tasty Zirkova vodka.

It’s a crowd pleaser and whether it’s “ME Time” or Turkey dinner celebrating Christmas or celebrating Happy New Year or as a house warming gift, Zirkova is perfect for every occasion. Celebrate the little things. Celebrate the BIG things. It’s Zirkova time! Cheers! Kampai! Budmo!

Website: www.zirkova.com
Instagram: @zirkovavodka

Zirkova Together is available at participating LCBO locations.

The Zirkova Together and Zirkova One ultra premium vodka is provided by Zirkova and this is a paid campaign. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.

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