Zirkova Vodka – Pledge 100% of All Profits to Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal Funds in Support of Ukraine


If you are following the global news right now or even just checking on your latest social media news, you will find out there are currently many people talking about the Russia-Ukraine. Currently, Putin and his Russia government are invading its neighbour Ukraine. Citizens and military forces in Ukraine are under attack with people getting killed by the Russian military missiles and armed forces.

Countries from around the world are putting economic sanctions or condemning  the unlawful acts by the Russian regimen. I am praying for Ukraine, for its citizens and I just don’t want any war, I just want World Peace & LUV.

The Zirkova Ultra Premium Vodka, a brand that I work closely with, is a Canadian-Ukrainian owned company. They have roots tie back to Ukraine and they are currently making many social media posts to educate people about Ukraine. It also is making donation and contribution to support Ukraine.

Currently, Zirkova has made an announcement that they will pledge 100% of ALL of their profits to Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal Funds. Zirkova is truly a great brand for me to work with, it is truly a smooth and tasty vodka that is available at LCBO. But I also like its mission statement, what it stands for and its contribution back to the communities. Most importantly, it resonates with me when this brand talks about “Being Yourself”. Be free, be who you are, be yourself. And as the MoVernie Brand, that’s what we are all about. Enjoy life, be me, be us, be who we want to be.

For now, let’s all hope this war ends very soon and that Ukraine still has a country of its own and no war, just peace & LUV.

To learn more about this Canadian-Ukrainian owned Vodka brand, click here.



  1. Purchased! 😉 Plus, I informed the liquor store in St. Catharines about this excellent cause and sincere contributions (staff and manager had no idea) with hopes they will advertise!!!

    • Lori, first of all, it was nice that you spent your valuable time to find my MoVernie BLOG and in particular, found this Zirkova article on my BLOG. Furthermore, thank you for making the effort to go to the liquor time and purchased a bottle Zirkova to show your support on their initiative to give back and support Ukraine. More importantly, you putting in your effort to inform the staff and manager at the liquor store about Zirkova’s effort is very much appreciated. That’s very thoughtful of you. Lastly, thanks for reaching out and sending me this note of yours so that we know of your efforts. We all hope to for peace and no war and we pray for Ukraine.

      FYI – I have forwarded your comment to Zirkova Management, they are very much appreciated and grateful of your effort. We all need to stay strong and unite each other. Please take care!


  2. Donna Griggs on

    Friends, I live in Southern California and would like to order, or buy locally, your vodka. I am in awe and thankful for your pledge to Ukrainian humanitarian efforts. I am a member of an LA Kings fan club and many of us would like to buy your vodka because we believe in these efforts and also to honor a former player Alexei Zhitnik. Thank you for any help you can be, Donna Griggs

    • Hi Donna,

      Hope you are well and reaching out. Very glad you read my MoVernie BLOG and realized the efforts made by Zirkova, the Canadian-Ukrainian Vodka company who is donating profits to support Ukrainian Humantarian Appeal Funds. Thanks for letting me know that you are based in South California and belong to a LA Kings Club and a group of you would like to buy Zirkova Vodka. I have forwarded your request and your desire to buy Zirkova vodka and its Ukraine initiative. They will be in touch and reach out to you via your email address.

      We pray for Ukraine and hope for global peace.


    • Hi Donna,

      Zirkova staff got back to me, unfortunately, Zirkova Vodka is currently only available for purchase at LCBO (Liquor Ontario) so they won’t be able to ship them out in South California. They plan to expand its distribution in the Western Canada region in the near future. With the Russia invasion, their manufacturing company located in Ukraine as stopped so supply is ok for now in Ontario but supply maybe impacted down the road. They had received many support from great people like you and they appreciate it and hoping you will continue to support Ukraine and hope this war will ends soon.

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