2015 All-New Honda Fit EX-L – MoVernie Preview



This past week was a busy week for me, there were tons of things to do, however, they were all fun stuff! Lots of happenings, from covering the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) on Media Day to celebrating my mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!) to Valentines Day, how about NBA All-Star game and then Family Day and last but not least, Chinese New Year (what’s your zodiac?) is fast approaching, how do I stuff all these activities into my busy schedule?

Well…the all-new 2015 Honda Fit made it all happened as I drove this cool ride around the city to get all these things done! This past week, the PR of Honda reached out to me and asked me if I want to have a nice ride that can transport me to cover the Canadian International Auto Show. My response? Can’t say no to new cars and hot rides! I was given a choice of a red automatic or a black with manual gearbox. My first instinct? Got to go with the manual gear box. Honda has one of the best manual gearbox in the business and coupled with it’s high revving, i-VTEC philosophy, I had to chose the manual gearbox. As expected, in my preliminary first few days of spending time in the all-new Honda Fit, I am 160% sure the manual was a great choice! I love it! I love it! Love the sound of the engine and the smooth gear shifts with this little rocket pocket.


So far so good, a few features that I would like to pinpoint and are “MUST-HAVEs” if you are purchasing the new Honda Fit. First of all, in the freezing cold winter that we just experienced and STILL experiencing, I highly recommend you to get the heated front seats, in MoVernie terms, aka “Ass Warmers”. These ass warmers come in “High or Low” mode, depending if you want your ass to be “well-done” or “medium rare” whatever works for you. As for me, I love it “well-done”.

The touch screen located in the centre dashboard is top notch and high tech. I would never thought a subcompact car in this segment would even offer you tv screen to begin with, mind a touch screen, which is far more advanced than many $30,000+ cars that don’t even offer touch screens.

And speaking of the touch screen, it has many uses to it. In particular, it’s a “MoVernie MUST-HAVE” to get the Honda state-of-the-art “LaneWatch Blind Spot Display”. Many high end vehicles would offer you a lane changing signal that is located on the right side of the rear view mirror. When a vehicle is close by beside your car, the light will flash, indicating to you not to make a lane change as there is a car beside you. Honda Fit take that technology to the next level, whenever you make a right-hand signal, the touch screen will automatically switch its control panel display into an instant video display on the right side of your car. Basically, the touch screen is showing you exactly what is happening outside of the right side of your car. You can clearly see if there is any car beside you and you can even spot if any pedestrain or hidden bikers beside you. Those blind spots will be eliminated. I have to admit that, it took me a while before I trust and got used to looking at the touch screen, but it’s a great technology to have. I love it! It’s a genius creation by the Honda Designers. Honda name it’s subcompact “Fit” for a reason because this subcompact has tons of head and leg room and its best in its class in cargo space, which means, it can fit many of your stuff in this car!


For now, check out some of the photos that I snapped both exterior and interior photos of this Honda Fit. Stay tuned for a more in-depth auto review from me after I completely spend 7 days with the Honda Fit.

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