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In addition to good food & drinks here in Halifax, this city also offers some amazing art galleries, museum, and other interesting sightseeing spots. We decided to check out Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. This building is only located a street down from Hollis Halifax Hotel, the hotel we stayed, so it’s super convenient.

Trust me, when it’s freezing cold outside, wet snow conditions, it’s appreciative how close the this Hollis Hotel is located close to everything.

There are a number of interesting art exhibits with special themes here at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. In particular, there was a section that showcased the Indigenous artists and other artwork throughout the building.

What’s more interesting to me was the cool underground tunnel walkway that leads the main building across to the building across without the need to go outside in the cold. You could simply put your jackets in a locker room free for guests (note: art gallery is not responsible for your valuable items or clothing), and you can just wear a t-shirt just like me and wander around the art gallery. It’s such a great idea!

Maud Lewis Art Exhibit – Artist

Her House Her Art. Her Legacy.

Maud’s world was limited to her home and in the small southwest area of Nova Scotia, where she lived. Her impact continues to grow far beyond this province and her unique and colourful artwork continues to capture the hearts of the people around the world.

This was an interesting and powerful art exhibit of Maud Lewis as I never heard of her but I was gravitated by her life and her stories.

Her actual mini home was disassembled after both of her and her husband death and was preserved and reassembled and placed in this Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Confluence Art Exhibit

Based on its description, “Water is life and connects us all. As rivers separate, they rejoin downstream and take with them what they have collected on their travels—shifting, distilling, collecting.

Where rivers meet, Ta’n a’sikatikl sipu’l | Confluence, encourages an ongoing dialogue about connection and exchange. It has been built on themes inspired by the work of selected First Nations, Inuit, and Métis artists mainly from the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Permanent Collection. This exhibition highlights seven guiding topics that collectively build caring relationships: Awareness, Reflection, Sustainability & Treaty, Community, Memory & Remembering, Gathering & Knowledge, and Sharing.”

This TA’N A’SIKATIKL SIPU’L | CONFLUENCE art exhibition is currently happening until December 31, 2023 here at Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Tyranny Art Exhibit (contains sensitive content – guests discretion is advised)

This Tyranny art exhibit was only here at the gallery until March 5, 2023, so I am very fortunate that I got to check this out before it closed its exhibition. So, you can only get to this floor by using the elevator from floor 3. The signs warned its guests that this art exhibit contains controversial and sensitive content. Quite honestly, when I look at art, I like to be open minded, I don’t like to be confined into a box or being mentally confined by others. I like to free my mind, and be open minded to see how artists express their views and artwork freely. So, I am cool about it.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia – Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Address: 1723 Hollis St, Halifax, NS B3J 1V9
Phone: (902) 424-5280
Opened: 1908
Google Maps:

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia experience was provided by Discover Halifax. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely my own.


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