Artsy Baker – Decked Out Donuts – Aurora, Ontario, Canada


I first heard of Artsy Baker (located in Aurora) from my good friend, Jennifer @FitYourStyle and she ordered a box of treats from Artsy Baker for our mutual friend at a rehab centre, as he fell and broke his back.

I saw it first hand on how excellent the food delivery service was as I was visiting my buddy right outside the rehab centre and witness the Artsy Baker truck arrived. It was such a treat to see the smile on my buddy face when he saw the box of treats.

Since I was invited to a soft opening of a new restaurant called “Feedery” in Aurora, I decided to google to see where Artsy Baker is located in Aurora. It turns out that Artsy Baker is only a 4 minute drive from Feedery, so I decided to make a trip to buy some goodies as I have been craving for gourmet donuts lately.

MoVernie FUN FACT: Apparently, they called these gourmet donuts “Decked out Donuts”. I am guessing Artsy Baker is good at baking donuts, plus cupcakes, birthday cakes and other specialty bakery that they want to give their gourmet donuts a subdivision entity, hence, “Decked out Donuts“.

Once I walked in, a friendly staff greeted me and asked me what I would like to order. He showed me a good list of variety of gourmet donut options. I asked for his recommendations and he told me that the “Dirty Oh”, “Bruno Marz” and “Oh Fudger” are super popular.

I took his recommendations to get a “Bruno Marz”, “Oh Fudger”, and I chose “Free Loader” and “Minty Ball Buster”. Usually, they sell box of 6 or 12 but since I couldn’t eat that much, and my family don’t eat that many donuts.

My Donut Choices:

1) Bruno Marz – Chocolate Caramel Mars
2) Free Loader – Caramel Cheesecake
3) Oh Fudger! – Chocolate Fudge Cake
4) Minty Ball Buster – Mint Chocolate Chip

Although $4 a donut is more pricey than other places, you pay what you pay for. It’s high quality flavours, unique ingredients and it’s good value. I mean, the chocolate fudge donut really have a big chunk of fudge cake on top of it. The mint has a good green mint icing on top of the donut. You also see Mars bars pieces on the donut. And the nice packaging and branding, I luv the whole thing!

Aurora and nearby communities are lucky to have such a gourmet donut around and they didn’t need to drive to downtown (where most gourmet donuts are located) to get some. I heard the cakes and cupcakes are tasty as well and it’s perfect for special occasions. I would like to try them in the near future. You can also try their food delivery service.

I can’t wait to visit Artsy Baker the next time I am in Aurora and try more donut flavours!

Click here to check out the list of gourmet donut choices at Artsy Baker.

Artsy Baker – Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Address: 255 Industrial Pkwy S Unit #5, Aurora, ON L4G 3V5
Phone: (905) 503-5333


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