(COMING SOON) 2023 Honda Accord


(Photo Credit: @HondaCanada)

Honda and Acura has been pumping non-stop in the past year or so and continue to pump out more products in the coming few months.

First, they launched the all-new Civic last year with the sedan, hatchback and the Type R will be launching early next year of 2023. Then, the all-new HRV which I test drove a few weeks ago and now they are launching the 2023 Honda CRV. Honda Pilot is coming and the electric vehicle of Acura Prologue will be launching as well.

Moreover, the all-new 2023 Honda Accord is also coming very soon. Recently on social media, Honda Canada gave its fans a sneak peek with a graphic that shows some hint of the all-new Honda Accord.

Life’s good for Honda fans, for auto journalists like me who got to test drive so many all-new products.

What new Honda products interest you? Let me know. I am interested to know what you like.

(Photo Credit: @HondaCanada)


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