(GRAND OPENING) Chomp Chicken by Feedery Food – Aurora, Ontario, Canada


Welcome to the Feedery Restaurant located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. The exact location is 14846 Yonge Street, Aurora.

Today January 10, 2022, which is the Grand Opening Day and is open to the public. Due to the latest provincial heath & safety restrictions, no dine-in is allowed on premise, but take out and food delivery services would be the options.

Feedery has a variety of delicious food options all under one roof. From healthy to indulgent meals, you get your next feast all on one bill. It’s convenient and there is always a good option that fits your family & friends taste buds.

We ordered the following at Feedery:

1) Chomp Chicken Clubhouse sandwich – featuring the fried chicken tender, lettuce, bacon, tomato, chili lime mayo, American cheese & potato bun.

2) Chomp Chicken – 5 pieces of fried chicken tenders that includes the choice of 2 dipping sauce. Took the staff recommendation on the BBQ sauce + we chose the Chili Lime Mayo. We made it a combo and it includes a pop, crinkle fries and coleslaw.

Super tasty for both items. In particular, the fried chicken tenders were gigantic, juicy & tender. And the dipping sauce are unique and addictive. And I always luv wavy crinkle fries.

Chomp Chicken by Feedery Food – Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.feedery.ca
Address: 14846 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1N2
Phone: (905) 503-0636
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Mj45HoB87V5Z266g7



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