How To Be A Successful Person – Stay True To Yourself


Peeps often asked me what’s my magic or secret sauce to getting invited to new restaurants & lounges, drive new cars, go to fashion shows, go to TIFF parties, travel around the world and get Exclusive VIP Experiences?

To be honest, there is no magic power & there is no secret sauce.

The most important ingredients that works for me is by being “MySelf”. Be genuine, be respectful, know my roots, be loyal, bring integrity and credibility. Be REAL, be genuine. Be grateful and thankful. Keep my promises and deliver. Be authentic & be organic!

It’s very sad that our society are deteriorating & peeps are moving away from caring about their surroundings & don’t care about human interactions.

It saddens me that every time I told other people the winning formula is by doing all the things I have mentioned above & they think I am bullshitting & they think I am lying & there must be some secrets that I am keeping to myself. It’s pretty sad peeps don’t believe these simple things in life are what makes people such as myself to achieve my goals.

Throughout this year, I had seen other influencers being selfish, they only care for themselves, I had been on press trips where they totally ignore me & don’t even put in the effort to know me, all they wanted to do is suck up to the PRs and Tourism Staff coz they think by sucking up to them, they will get what they want. But funny thing is….sometimes PRs can see thru their fakeness or better yet, the PRs left the company & their sucking up went down the drain.

Meanwhile, I know full well this world is cruel. I just accept the fact that people can be selfish, rude and cruel, but that’s ok, I just go about doing my own thing, work hard, generate content that benefits the destinations & bring out the best the destination has to offer. I let the others take selfies of themselves. We just do our own thing.

Luck and good timing are also important & we need to maximize them when they present itself.

Today is a time for me to reflect and set new goals for 2019. I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have given me a lift, see the potential in me, believing in me & giving me a chance.

#THANKYOU #Grateful


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