How To Kill Time At Home During This Coronavirus Crisis


Everyone is being asked by the government to stay at home during this Coronavirus crisis. But exactly, how do you kill time 24/7 while you are self isolating?

For me, I try to stay positive. As a Digital Content Creator, I try to be creative and think of new things to do to keep myself occupied while at home. I think I am doing a great job, generating authentic content and REAL stuff to entertain myself and my followers.

Below are a number of content that I have generated so far from my home. I hope the content can entertain you while you stay at home. If you luv some of my content, try to film yourself and do it and share with your friends and family. If you have any new ideas, let me know and I am happy to try use your ideas and generate content.

1) MoVernie Challenge: I have transformed my kitchen into a “DJ in da House Kitchen”, I acted like I am a DJ, insert music and use my kitchen appliance, oven and utensils to spin some music. Everyone seems to enjoy it and were amazed how creative I am. I have made this as a “MoVernie Challenge” and hope my followers will be up for this challenge and film themselves being a DJ themselves.

2) What’s in your fridge challenge: It was too painful for me seeing peeps waiting in long lineups and trying to overstock the toilet paper. Instead, I went to LCBO to buy more booze and showcase my booze in the fridge. I wanted to motivate people to focus on buying booze instead of fighting with elderly in toilet paper. Listen, Coronavirus doesn’t cause diarrhea and it doesn’t save lives from Coronavirus. Instead, booze can relax you, it’s refreshing, at least you can taste it and any buying of booze will help increase the revenue from the government, which in turn can allocate the budget to provide assistance to other people in need.

3) Travel plans at your own home

Whether you are staying home at your condo or a house, it doesn’t matter, try to maximize your space and see where you can visit and stay in your unit at a different spot.

4) Share to my followers the type of food that I cooked at home

5) Share to my followers the type of cocktails that I prepared at home

6) Throwback Thursdays or Flashback Fridays

During Throwback Thursdays and Flashback Fridays, post any past vacation or press trips and share my travel memories with my followers.

7) Life Selector

I have posted a number of our my outfits to my followers and asked them to vote for my outfit. I will wear the outfit with the most votes and wear it to work from home. It’s interactive and my followers enjoy making decisions for me.

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Peeps! I know you are bore at home. . Let me give you an assignment to do. . From the 4 outfits in this collage, help me pick the outfit for me to work from home for next Monday. . (Top Left) – I don't care messy look . (Top Right: Sports Fan Look) . (Bottom Left: Business Casual Look) . (Bottom Right: Beach Look) . The outfit with the most votes will be my working outfit for Monday working from home . Like and leave your vote in the comment section below. . . . . . . . . . #homework #assignment #lifechoices #LifeSelector #helpmechoose #pick #stayhome #stayinside #flattenthecurve #socialdistancing #ootd #outfit #outfits #outfitoftheday #fashion #wfh #workfromhome #covid2019 #covid #covid_19 #coronavirus #dressup #rtz #raptors #wethenorth #beach #businesscasual #hobo #dontcare

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