(Inside Look) Glamping Experience – Deluxe Pod Clusters @ Long Point Eco Adventures [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Long Point Eco Adventures is located in St. Williams, Ontario, Canada. It is about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from the GTA, which is quite a reasonable drive to experience nature and to have a relaxing getaway. The property is also located very close to the popular beach called “Turkey Point“.

In this MoVernie BLOG, we will show you the inside look of our Deluxe Pod. Please scroll down to see all the pictures of the inside look of this Deluxe Pod.

If you would like to see the outside tour of our Deluxe Pod, please click here.

This is definitely what “Glamping” is all about. You arrive, relax, have fun and everything is setup for you.

Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.lpfun.ca
Address: 1730 Front Rd., St. Williams, ON. N0E1P0
Phone: 1-877-743-8687

Come in to my Deluxe Pod. As you can see from the inside, it has an unique cone-shaped ceiling, the wood smells really good. It comes with a double bed that has a window to see outside. Please scroll down to see all the amenities.

My Deluxe Pod comes with a washroom that has a window, a sink, a mirror, a toilet and towels. The outdoor showering station is located a few steps outside from the pod.

From this angle, you could see the pull-out couch. There were hooks along the wall to put our coats. There was also a lamp on the wall. The curtains were there to cover the entrance door and window for privacy.

There was a small table to put my laptop along with 2 chairs. There was also a heater in case it gets a bit chilly at night, you can plug it into one of the outlets. There were outlets all over the pod, including one located in the washroom. Power outlets were greatly appreciated to charge my laptop, my Smartphone and other electronic devices. Additionally, the complimentary WIFI was very quick and reliable, which is super important for content creators such as myself.

At our pods, our keys were placed on the table along with the instructions and contact INFO for us to contact Long Point Eco, that’s very thoughtful.

This heater was super useful as I turned it on during chilly evening. It was LIT at night and it was functional bringing some much needed heat to keep the pod cozy.

There was a lamp outside the washroom’s door. You could also see the kettle, a small coffee table, a mini fridge (with 2 water bottles filled with cold water), there was a garbage can and an electronic fan in case it gets hot in the afternoon.


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