(Outside Look) Glamping Experience – Deluxe Pod Clusters @ Long Point Eco Adventures [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


Welcome to my Deluxe Pod at Long Point Eco Adventures! In each Deluxe Pod, there is an elevated front deck, coupled with 2 lawn chairs. A door with a lock. Outdoor light and electricity and lights inside the pod. The shape of the pod is interesting as it reminds me of the film, “Lord of the Rings” for some reason.

Long Point Eco Adventures (Long Point Eco) is located in St. Williams, Ontario, Canada. It is about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from the GTA, which is quite a reasonable drive to experience nature and to have a relaxing getaway. The property is also located very close to the popular beach called “Turkey Point“.

In this MoVernie BLOG, we will show you what our Deluxe Pod looks like from the outside. Please scroll down to see all the pictures of the outside look of this Deluxe Pod.

If you would like to see the inside tour of our Deluxe Pod, please click here.

This is definitely what “Glamping” is all about. You arrive, relax, have fun and everything is setup for you.

Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada
Website: www.lpfun.ca
Address: 1730 Front Rd., St. Williams, ON. N0E1P0
Phone: 1-877-743-8687

We parked our Cadillac XT6 SUV at the central parking lot. Then we carried our belongings to our Deluxe Pod Cluster which is about 20 feet from the parking spot. Since it’s a contactless check-in, we just walked straight to our Pod #8 and Pod #9.

NOTE: During our stay, Pod #10 which was located beside our pods was unoccupied as Long Point Eco didn’t want another group of people who were not in the same social bubble to be close to us. Their safety protocol is to ensure people were maintaining physical distancing.

Along the path, you could see some wildlife. We saw birds flying around, bees and this wild rabbit.

This area is dedicated to our cluster, the gazebo tent, the fire pit area and the firewood were provided for us during our stay.

In every pod, each entrance has a “Clean Lodge Seal” sticker to reassure the guests that each pod is clean and disinfectant upon the arrival. That’s very thoughtful.

This is our cluster’s outdoor showering station. Only our social group has access to this shower station. It’s only a few steps away from our respective pods. The shower station has both the hot and cold water system. It’s quite an unique experience taking a nice shower while enjoying the blue sky and white clouds.

It’s peace and quiet here at the pods as we were enjoying the sunset, surrounded by plants, flowers and trees. The firepit was awesome when it’s just one call away from having the friendly staff coming over to setup the firepit for us (firewood is complimentary as part of the package deal). It’s super cozy when I was wearing my onesie and overlooking the Milky Way in the clear sky.

By the way, in addition to the windows at the front entrance, there are windows at the back of the pods. One is located near the double bed and the other one is located inside the washroom.

To read in detail of our glamping experience staying at our deluxe pods, please click here.




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