KFC #BucketsAreLife Vest – KFCourt PopUp Outdoor Basketball Court


From now and until this February 22, 2023, KFC has built a popup outdoor basketball court called “KFCourt”, located at The Bentway (underneath the Gardiner Expressway). You can read my MoVernie BLOG here about my KFCourt experience.

While I signed my life away with the waiver form to play some hoops on the popup court, the friendly staff handed me with this lovely KFC #BucketsAreLife vest. He said that not everyone gets one but those who are really having fun and enjoying themselves are being selected to receive a complimentary vest.

I was super delighted as I found the vest quite unique, stylish, luv the red colour especially I am currently celebrating Lunar New Year and Valentines is coming up, all red everything is the right way to go!

Most of all, I really like the big pockets. It keeps my hands warm in between taking shots at the buckets. Moreover, it could hold a bottle of water.

Thank you to KFC Canada for giving me this cool #BucketsAreLife vest, it’s comfy and keep my hands warm in the pocket. Plus the pocket is so big that it can store my bottle of water. LOL

MoVernie FUN FACT: So…as soon as the staff gave me this lovely vest, I asked him what’s #11 represent? Is it Kyrie Irving? He laughed. He said “#11” represents the 11 spices and herbs that are being used to make the KFC fried chicken. Very interesting. I never knew!

Click here to read more about my KFCourt basketball experience.



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