Machino Gourmet Vegan Donuts – Toronto, Ontario, Canada




I was craving for some gourmet donuts and decided to buy some from Machino Donuts. It’s located on Bloor Street West, which is a block from the Christie Pits Park and Korea Town. This was my 1st visit and I fell in luv already. You know why? All of these gourmet donuts look so delightful with unique ingredients. They are fresh, fluffy and super delicious and it’s definitely bite at first sight for me!

Although I don’t really care that they are also vegan donuts but I am sure others would appreciate that their dough for all donuts are made from plant-based ingredients as well as we use 100% vegetable oil to fry.

So good that I am now craving for more! And I am sure Homer Simpson would luv this place! I will definitely come back and visit often. I also ordered a black coffee and that soft bite of the donut? Perfect combo! So addictive!

I ordered the following gourmet donuts from Machino.

– Tiramisu (so good, nice filling as well)
– Macha (you can taste a hint of the macha and it was lovely)
– Rice Krispie (this was the most anticipated donut that I wanted to try but turned out my least favourite as the donut was a bit blend and not flavourful other than the rice krispy texture)
– Ferrero Rocher (it was lovely as well with nice chocolate filling in it)
– Cinnamon Sugar (this maybe weird, it’s the cheapest and most simple of them all, but this was actually my favourite. It’s fresh, soft bite that melt in my mouth, it’s nice and simple, super unforgettable)

Click here to check out the full list of the bakeries that Machino Donuts served daily.

You have to come and try them all! Did I mentioned it’s #MoVernieApproved?

Machino Gourmet Vegan Donuts – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Address: 823 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1M1, Canada


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