Meet Me in Africa – Charitable Event (@ SpeakEasy21)


Meet me in Africa is a charitable program supported by the Public Relations Agency VOCAB Communications, which is based in Toronto, Canada. In 2012, Founder Chrissy Newton Was on a charitable media trip with MTV Canada and Life Momentum looking to support a local Tanzanian youth based program. Through her travels, Chrissy was introduced to an orphanage in Arusha,Tanzania.

Chrissy has developed a great relationship with the teachers and children in Arusha and her “Meet me in Africa” was born. Every year, Chrissy and a team of volunteers will visit the orphanage and work directly on construction, education and agriculture.

Last night, a group of supporters purchased tickets, showing their support with this charitable and meaningful program at SpeakEasy21, which is a nice hotspot restaurant located in the heart of the financial district. Rain or shine, nothing stopped people from supporting this event, especially SpeakEasy21 provided a patio with a rooftop that protect the patrons even sitting at the patio. Lots of musicians, artists and dancers came out to perform and showing their support at this event. It was a fun and meaningful evening and we hope this charitable event raise lots of money for such a meaningful program by Chrissy Newton.

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