Spicy Noodle Challenge in Support of the “Coldest Night of the Year” Charity Walk


MoVernie Initiative: Spicy Noodle Challenge in Support of the “Coldest Night of the Year” Charity Walk

Hello everyone!

This morning, someone dropped off this spicy noodle package on my desk. Recently, this spicy noodle challenge had gone viral. People attempted it just for fun. But for me, if I am going to attempt this challenge, I want to get something “good” out of it. I want to use this “spicy noodle” challenge as a way to raise awareness to a good cause that my friends are organizing for this Saturday, February 24th. It’s called “Coldest Night of the Year” charitable walk this Saturday in Markham. It’s a national wide charitable initiative, but people can organize an event within their cities/communities to help others in need. As for my friend, the money being raised goes towards the Markham Food Bank. Honestly, when I first heard about it, I thought Markham is full of rich people, although that can be the case, but not everyone is rich, I was told many Markham residents are struggling with money, living in poverty and in need of food and assistance.

I wanted to do my part by raising awareness of this “Coldest Night of the Year” initiative. As well, I will be donating money to show my support. Moreover, I am going to attempt this spicy noodle challenge. Although I can’t be in person doing the walk coz I am attending a motivational charitable event elsewhere, I want to do my part. I am a foodie lover, for me to burn my tongue and lose my taste and senses is a big deal to me. However, all this pain is worthwhile it if I can raise awareness and motivate people to walk or donate money. It will be well worth it.

For any who wants to donate for this good cause, here is the link

So, if you want to see me sweat or red teary eyed after finishing the entire bowl of spicy noodle, please donate and follow me on Instagram @RealMoVernie to watch the video.  Thank you for your support!

PHOTO: This is a 2x spicy noodle which I was told is extremely spicy. I don’t think I can do 4x or 10x.


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