motionball 2015 – Glitz & Graffiti Gala



motionball 2015 Glitz & Graffiti Gala happened last evening at the Liberty Grand. This marks its 14th annual charity event with the aim to raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation (SOCF). For those who have never been to the Liberty Grand, let me tell you, this venue is HUGE! And it’s also classy, elegant and grand. It has numerous number of large ball rooms with high ceilings and with some rooms even with the second level, overlooking the beautiful ground floor.

Walking into the Liberty Grand last night was like an adventure. And you know how much I like to explore, room after room, there was a different theme, different vibe as DJs played different type of music in each room. Just as I thought I had conquered checking out all the areas, I was dead wrong. There were more rooms at the end of the grand hall, with a long displays of memorabilia for people to bid for silent auction. Later in the night, an additional dance room was opened. No matter how many big rooms they had opened, each room were jam packed with people. That’s because there were at least over 2500 people in attendance in supporting the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. That my friend, it’s a rarity, 2500+ people jamming in the rooms having an entertaining night.


It was a great way to spend the evening with great food, open bar, live music and entertainment, mix and mingle with cool people. Keeping yourself warm from the cold winter outside. I have covered numerous big events and I know it’s only February 2015, but I can tell you, motionball is by far one of the best events of the year! It’s very well-organized, food was high quality (and you know how much I love to eat and know what is good shit!), the layout of the entire event was unbelievable.

If you are interested to find out more about motionball and who they are, their mission and more about the various activities/gala they provide, click here.

I recommend you to purchase tickets and come to the Motion Ball 2016! See you next year!

Meanwhile, check out the awesome pictures that I had snapped from last night’s motionball 2015.

IMG_7758 IMG_7764

IMG_7780 IMG_7789

IMG_7781 IMG_7783 IMG_7785IMG_7855 IMG_7854IMG_7857 IMG_7856IMG_7821 IMG_7822IMG_7852 IMG_7811IMG_7828


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