Mountain Biking @ Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


This past week, the MoVernie Crew went to Long Point Eco Adventures to experience glamping. Many of you were wondering if there are any activities for us to do during our stay.

Of course we did!

Although some of the activities were cancelled this season due to the pandemic (example: observatory stargazing, zip lining, private island boat tour), but there were still activities for their guests to book and pay to participate.

For example, we went for axe throwing in one morning and we went moutain biking in the next afternoon, Long Point Eco helped us booked for mountain biking. We met our bike guide Paul outside the Welcome Centre. Paul, who is part of the nearby Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club, provided us with the mountain bikes and safety helmets.

We told Paul that we are rookies and have little experiences with mountain bikes. He said not to worry, he will guide us to a relatively easy biking trail that it’s suitable for beginners. Before we go for mountain biking, Paul gave us a brief introduction about the sport, the safety aspects of it, including how to steer, go through the bumping trail and how to brake properly along the trail. He also gave us a brief geographical background about the surrounding areas, where we were located and the trail we are planning to ride so in case we were lost, we had a good idea of our surrounding areas.

For this activity, Portia joined us for mountain biking. She was placed in a secure backpack that is made to hold her properly for biking.

At first, it took a bit of time to get used to the mountain bike as it’s built a bit different than a normal bike. There were more gears on the mountain bikes and they have fatter tires and have different type of tire grip to ride through bumpy terrain. But after a while, I got a hang of it. Paul guided us to some photogenic spots such as the bridge and the forests.

I do have to admit that after mountain biking, I was exhausted and my muscles were a bit sore. Mountain biking requires endurance. Would I do it again? You bet. It’s fun to do and great exercises.

This St. William Conservation Area consists of a number of many biking trails that were prepared by Turkey Point Mountain Bike Group so there will be always a trail that suits your skill levels.

Special thank you to Long Point Eco Adventures for arranging this mountain biking activity for us with our bike guide Paul who is part of the Turkey Point Mountain Bike Group.

Long Point Eco Adventures – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada
Address: 1730 Front Rd., St. Williams, ON. N0E1P0
Phone: 1-877-743-8687

Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club – St. Williams, Ontario, Canada

Click here for biking trails that are created and maintained by Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club.

Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club accepts members to be part of the Turkey Point mountain bike community. If you would like to participate and register for a membership, please click here.


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