#MoVernieChallenge: Film Yourself DJ’ing in Your House Kitchen


Peeps! How do you kill time during this Coronavirus Crisis? Everyone is asked to do their parts and stay home. Many of us are getting bored. I am too, but I am trying to be creative and find things to do to keep myself occupied.

Well…..I have decided to do some Instagram Stories (IG Stories) of filming me acting as if I am a DJ spinning beats & tunes with my kitchen appliances. Basically, I will have a laptop placed on the counter of the oven or I will have some kitchen utensils such as tong, knife, other goodies to move around as if I am dancing with the tunes.

After posting my IG stories of me being a DJ, I have received tons of positive feedback. And I decided to go for a sequel and it was successful too. I think peeps found my DJ stories very creative, fun, entertaining and it looks so REAL, especially I am turning the knobs as if I am really spinning my speakers, LOL.

Anyhow, I am encouraging my followers to make their own IG stories, showing them being a DJ and spin their own tunes in their own kitchen. I want to see how they do and also what their kitchens look like.

Are you up for my #MoVernieChallenge?

Check out my performance below and I hope to receive your creations soon!

Stay home! Stay safe! Let’s have some fun! Tag and share with your friends so more peeps get to do this challenge.



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