My Reflection of my MoVernie Brand in 2013


Thank you!

Overall, 2013 was a very productive and amazing year for me! My show “MoVernie on the MOVE” has expanded so much and I was able to cover many big and prestige events. Most importantly, I found my passion and my drive, other than covering my beloved Toronto Raptors, I found my passion to cover charity events. I want to recognize the hard work made by the charity organizers, staff and volunteers who made all the charity events happened, raising funds and donations to help those in need. I want to inspire more people and bring more awareness to their communities. Although I am only a small potatoes, but I believe if all the small potatoes combined together and give their big hearts, it will turn into a super giant mashed potatoes, not only it’s powerful but it’s also tasty! LOL

I still remembered back at the end of 2012, I was struggling to find video editors who can keep up with my ever increased footage of interviews. My producer was just too busy to keep up and I was in a short state of panic on my own, feeling I was in no-man’s land and with no help. In fact, I almost gave up my show in exchange for video editing. But I was thankful and grateful to have great friends out there who were there to analyze the situations and helped me along. They told me to be patient and wait for the right opportunities. After a few weeks, opportunities finally came but unexpectedly. I found a video editor, her name was Alexander Vergyeris, she was willing to help me out. Honestly, I never expected she could video edit. I didn’t even recall how the conversation came about. But talking about great timing! I thank her for her unconditional assistance while I can concentrate on covering events without worrying about other factors. It was her kindness that paved a road for me to get more video interns because other people saw the value in the MoVernie brand and also realized this internship really allow them to get into events they wouldn’t normally able to get into. Most importantly, they got to learn things that will help them in their school program or future career (which was always my goal). I treat everyone of them with respect and appreciate and recognize their hard work.

I also would like to thank my two other new video interns, Alanna Homer and Marcena Lau. They were great additions. Most importantly, they have great personalities, positive energy and amazing dedication. I am always busy but they will work independently and update me with their work periodically, these are excellent qualities any job environment. I met them late in 2013 at a TIFF party and UFC gathering respectively. It’s not easy for me to take on interns. I am quite a picky person in terms of choosing right interns because it’s a huge responsibility for me to ensure they are being taken care of at events and that they are representing me well at these functions. But I go with my gut feeling, the vibe and my instinct and it paid off!

Ladies, thanks again for your hard work. 2014 will be an even bigger year for me! I am thankful and grateful that you guys are on board with my brand and continue to do so! I appreciate you guys!

Thank you!

PS – Stay tuned for my announcement on the other three video interns additions and my MoVernie Account Marketing Manager!


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