(Our Experience) Corner Cottage – Markdale, Ontario, Canada [COTTAGE TRAVEL SERIES]


Co-Wrote by Vernon Chang & Kenrick Chang

A lot of our readers and followers know how much we luv to travel and explore. We are constantly looking for unique places and accommodations to share our experiences with you. This time, our MoVernie Crew is On the MOVE to Corner Cottage, which is located in Markdale, Ontario, Canada, it is about a 2-hour drive from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Many people tend to only visit cottages during the hot summer time as they just want to spend the summer days with their loved ones and enjoy the summer outdoor activities. Although that is what majority of people like to do, cottage life actually runs all-season long. In my opinion, there is always something different to do for every season. It’s a different vibe, different experience and different outdoor activities when you enjoy the cottage in the spring, summer, fall or winter.

I personally enjoy the fall season the most as it’s not too hot, not too cold and the fresh cool air is just perfect. Mind you, many cottages doesn’t come with air condition, so it maybe a bit brutal staying in the hot humid weather during those hot summer months. But no worries, hot or cold, Corner Cottage comes with heat and air condition. They even have a very nice fireplace in the living room to keep you warm. They also have a bonfire area for stargazing and s’mores outside the house. Anyhow, let us show you around Corner Cottage and share our experience with you!

After a nice scenic drive in our respective vehicles from the GTA, we had arrived at Corner Cottage. At first glance, this is a beautiful property. We were attracted by the beautiful vertical smoke stack of the grey bricks, stack-by-stack, it looked marvelous. The brown bricks that wraps around the rest of the house was gorgeous as well.

There were plenty of space to park our 3 vehicles on the driveway. If you have more vehicles, there are FREE street parking beside the house. The interlocking in front of the entrance, along with the black bench looked welcoming! We also like how much open green space surrounding the house, the lawn is so green!

We noticed the big wooden deck on the side of the house and it has a nice picnic table, a few chairs and along with a nice BBQ. It’s definitely a great outdoor spot to chill and enjoy the food while barbecuing. There was also a very cute shack, I luv the blue and red paint on it and it’s just perfectly placed at a spot across the deck.

Prior to our visit, Barb, owner of Corner Cottage provided us with the code so that it’s contactless entry without the need to see her in person or pickup any keys and we can just enter the property the moment we arrived, this is super good idea!

After punching the code into the keypad, voila, the door is open! The inside of this house is so luxurious and modern. Everything is so organized and clean (they have cleaner who comes and clean the place after each guests’ visit and they use chemicals and cleaning agents to ensure the place is spotless and clean for the next guest).

I luv the railings, the few steps at the entrance to get up to the kitchen area. Every spot in this house looks amazing. In particular, I really luv the kitchen. It’s super spacious, it has a nice welcome chalkboard with my name on it, welcoming us. Also, the marble countertops with state-of-the-art appliances, we can literally cook our meal inside with all the utensils, cutlery and equipment all available for use. I also luv the big centre island. This is pure luxury and what a luxurious cottage looks like.

There are 2 bedrooms at this house. One is a master bedroom with its own bathroom. The other room has a queen size bed plus a single bed, which is perfect for a young couple and a kid staying in the same room but in separate beds. There is also a 2nd bathroom for use. Every bed has its own linen bedsheets, towels, blankets, everything is there, you don’t need to bring anything to the cottage. It’s very well-equipped.

MoVernie FUN FACT: A little fun fact about Corner Cottage is that it used to be a church, evident by the high ceilings which adds a lot of character to the place. On the left (see photo below), you can even see a restored church bench now used as another seating area in the main family room in addition to the plethora of seating arrangements available.

What I loved most about staying at Corner Cottage is the beautiful interior design, you can tell by all the finishing touches on the wall and the trinkets placed around the house that it was designed with someone with great taste and thought behind the design elements. It’s very rare to find a cottage that is so modern and sophisticated. Given it’s short distance from popular Ski Resorts such as Blue Mountain, you will definitely feel warm and cozy nestled beside this beautiful fireplace for those cold nights. During the summer, you can visit a number of local wineries and breweries in the area. You will find a guide of nearby Point of Interests upon your arrival.

You can click here to watch a video of the layout of the inside of this Corner Cottage.

Although I don’t typically cook inside the kitchen during my stay at cottages, the well furnished and well equipped kitchen made it very easy to do so. Most cottages have the bare minimum in terms of plates, cutlery, seasoning, and cooking utensils. This place has it all, you honestly do not need to bring anything. Forgot to bring an item? You will most likely find it including coffee supplied by the wonderful hosts.

On the far right, there is even a nice work area, just in case you need to fire up the laptop to check on some work emails with blazing fast Internet that is suitable for streaming Netflix on those cold nights. During our stay, it was right when Squid Game was released and we were able to binge it during our 3 day stay at Corner Cottage. The giant Kitchen Island is perfect for entertaining a large number of guests, and the gate at the front of the entrance makes it very kid and dog friendly. It’s this attention to detail and friendliness towards families that made our stay so enjoyable. Since this cottage is so well equipped, you will find it is suitable for all season from summer to winter.

During our 1st night stay, it was raining outside, so we collectively decided not to BBQ outside as it’s cold and wet. So…we used the centre island in the kitchen and spread out all of the fresh ingredients for Chinese hotpot. As many of you may know, Chinese hotpot has so much ingredients, sauce and cutlery, so the spacious big centre island was much appreciated to handle all the plates and food. We had a wonderful meal on the 1st evening.

On the 2nd night, we decided to BBQ and the BBQ was super powerful and cook our food evenly and easily. Dining at the deck with the picnic table was another wonderful experience.

We also appreciate the special bonfire area. It looks like the bench was specially made and designed as it had an unique shape and it was perfect for s’mores and stargazing. We just enjoyed the peace and quiet at this property. It was definitely a great way to detox, recharge and appreciate nature and what cottage life is all about.

Corner Cottage is also conveniently located near by communities that offers grocery store, beer store and other necessity. Moreover, this cottage is only a short drive away from the Blue Mountain and other walking trails, natural landscapes, provincial parks and just a tons of things to do if you want to roam around out of the house.

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Corner Cottage. It’s a great luxurious and modern house with lots of open space. The property is well-maintained and well-managed, everything is so clean and organized. Most importantly, Barb provides lots of great tips and recommendations prior to our arrival. From the booking to our arrival, she provided prompt responses to assist us plan our visit and make our life of packing much easier.

We highly recommend Corner Cottage to everyone and we would definitely come stay at this place again in the near future. I wonder what it’s like staying in the winter season, perhaps there are snowboarding and skiing activities or perhaps just chill and do nothing and watch snowflakes flow by the windows.

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Corner Cottage – Markdale, Ontario, Canada
Address: 154612, Grey Road 32, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
Phone: (519) 378-3020
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/rBAfXtCWQsR5hLPQ9

Our cottage experience was provided and hosted by Corner Cottage. However, as always, the opinions expressed in this post is entirely our own.


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