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During this COVID-19 crisis, I opted to stay home & committed to do my part in self-isolation, so I don’t see the need to wear a mask often, especially early on (back in January 2020), the health officials said that if you touch your face often, wearing a mask may actually backfire. Thus, early on, when the amount of people infected with COVID-19 was low, I opted not to wear any but instead, spent more time at home and wash my hands with soap more frequently.

But recently (March 2020), our government & health officials said wearing a mask is ok, it does have its benefits and as long as the N95 masks are reserved for the frontline workers, wearing a functional mask will be good for everyone.

That’s when reaches out to me and offered me to try its new Copper Ions Fabric Mask that is made in Taiwan. is an online store that sells female handbags, purses, jewelry as well as other accessories. But with this COVID-19 crisis, they are making an effort to provide the consumers another source of buying face masks to protect themselves.

Just a note that this is a fabric face mask, it is not a medical mask whatsoever, but it does help protect you during your grocery runs or if you need to go outside for any essential services.

Presently, I don’t have any opinion yet but I plan to give it a try during my grocery runs. So, I will have a better idea later.

Apparently, this Copper Ion Fabric Mask is made in Taiwan. It’s eco-friendly as it’s washable & reuseable. It’s anti-microbial and come in small, medium & large sizes.

If you want to know more about this fabric face mask, please go to


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