The Iron Rooster Rotisserie and Grill – Marmora, Ontario, Canada [ONTARIO TRAVEL SERIES]


This Iron Rooster Restaurant located in Marmora, Ontario is a cool spot. It’s conveniently located along Hwy 7, so if you are on your way from Toronto driving to Ottawa or vice versa, this restaurant is a good spot to make a stop and get some food & drinks before you continue your journey.

The name “Iron Rooster” is very fitting as the resto’s signature food item is its rotisserie chicken and the owner is a big fan of motorcycle, hence you can see the logo with the rooster riding on a motorbike.

Furthermore, there is a cute little motorcycle museum right beside the restaurant that showcases some of the owners favourite motorcycle collection. This is a hidden gem and is definitely cool to check it out.

In terms of food items, there are tons to choose from. We were amazed by the long list of burgers/sandwiches they have to offer. Every one of the them sounds delicious. And thanks to the friendly staff who were courteous and gave us some great food recommendations on the menu.

We ordered the Rooster Wings and it was delicious. They gave a good amount of celery and carrot sticks to munch on. The wings were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. And it’s saucy, luv the sauce!

My buddy, Hank, ordered a beef burger that comes with fries.

As for me, I ordered the 1/4 rotisserie chicken dinner that came with veggies and I opted for onion rings instead of fries at no extra charge.

All of these comfort food were tasty, they came in great portion. So much food that we couldn’t finish them and had to grab brown bags. The onion rings were gigantic and they were freshly battered and fried to perfection.

I heard that in the summer, this is a hop’in spot for car meets or motorcycle meets, where everyone converge, grab food & drinks and catching up. I could understand why as they have a massive parking lot that can hold up lots of vehicles and it’s a perfect mid-point between Ottawa and Toronto.

Everything is cool here at the Iron Rooster, the only small feedback I have is that they only serve the typical beer such as Budweiser, Canadian, Coors Light on tap but offer no craft beer selections. I know majority of them drink those typical value beer, but it would be nice to have 1 or 2 craft beer selections for patrons such as myself who luvs craft beers!

Otherwise, this is a great restaurant with good variety of food selections, good food, good drinks, good vibes, good value! We will definitely come back to check this place out comes summer time!

The Iron Rooster Rotisserie and Grill – Marmora, Ontario, Canada
Address: 104221 Hwy 7, Marmora, ON K0K 2M0, Canada
Phone: +1 613-473-2000
Google Maps:


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